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Its really good one!
Posted by:Sindu from

SMSFun Rocks! Awesome to send free SMS's and the community Rocks!
Posted by:Attila from Norlane

SMSfun.. Like it.. no, loves it!
Posted by:Jade from Sydney

Best site for those bad moments when you go no credit!
Posted by:Peter from Gold coast

at times ive needed to contact someone and vent !! but have had no credit! i really appreciate freesms for helping me vent my frustrations .
Posted by:Mwade from Rockdale

smsfun is the greatest it means i dont have to worry about running out of credit as long as i can get on the internet
Posted by:Tom from

fantastic ! i enjoy it loads
Posted by:Viicky from

This is easy and fun to do. Very much recommended!
Posted by:Sandra from

Smsfun is so much more than a way to send free texts
Posted by:Wayne from Perth

Smsfun is amazing and great for when you don't have credit :)
Posted by:Brooke from

SMSFun is one of the few honest and reliable ways to get in contact with people when you have run out of credit. BLOODY BRILLIANT!!! is all I say.
Posted by:Amber from Airds

smsfun is so awesome!
Posted by:Vira from

AMAZING website that truly delivers. I've gone through many other sites and i couldnt believe my eyes when this one actually worked. The only other decent website is smspup which just doesn't give you enough credit.
Posted by:Deb from

wow! SMSfun Not only was I able to send intl text but was also able to send local text whilst I was overseas. Convenient and money saving indeed. Now how to get onto the community section an meet people .... Maybe even that special someone ....
Posted by:Milz from

Love smsfun I've always got data credit so even without txt credit can keep in touch
Posted by:Amanda from Crestmead

SMSFun has provided a medium for interaction with countless through free text messages. I love it.
Posted by:Sohail from Gatton

it was awesome when u have no credit and need ot urgetnly get in conctact wid ppl and the deals are great too
Posted by:Mummas from

This is the best and safest site to get free msgs and great prizes and comps..
Posted by:Tashie from

I don't have to worry about index finger injuries from hitting the 7 button 3001 times a day to use the letter S. No more embarrassing moments thanks to autocorrect and with no predictive text my messages actually make sense!! All this and more for FREE!!!
Posted by:Emily from

Sms Fun has saved me alot of $$$ over the years. loving the free texts. and along the way i have met some great friends in the smsfun community! even met the love of my life on here. so i have alot to be thankful for with smsfun!
Posted by:Jack from Adelaide

Hey smsfun! Thanks heaps for all the saving of my moneys. High Five!!
Posted by:Dael from Brisbane

SMS fun is a life saver! How many times I've been able to send an important msg to someone when I ad no credit...thank you sms fun!
Posted by:Casey from Melbourne

this site is absolutely amazing its changed my life for the better thank you sms fun
Posted by:Aaron from

SMSFun has really helped me when I've run out of credit.. It's really useful, and I am so grateful for finding it! :)
Posted by:Rachael from

SMSFUN is better than Facebook! That's Love. That is how dedicated I am to this wonderful and amazing site. Love doing the Surveys, EVEN if I don't get the Joobz that are on offer, just love clicking buttons, waiting for that Joob to be added. I DON'T even care when I'm told that there will be no advertisment in my msgs that I send, but there they are, their awesome site info right under my important txt- doesn't even faze me, infact-I Love It. So Thankyou SMSFUN....Thankyou.
Posted by:Kira from

Sms Fun is a fantastic site! It not only gives you free texts and other great offers and competitions, It is also an awesome place to meet new and interesting people and friends. I love Sms Fun and I'm not going anywhere! :D
Posted by:Amara from Kinglake

SMSfun is an excellent site, an interesting community and free text messages. Most happy.
Posted by:Andrew from

I cannot believe how good this sms service is. Very glad to have found this fantastic site. Recommend to anyone who hates typing on a mobile phone and like the ease of typing on a keyboard. Fun to prank your friends too (using the Anonymous txt option). It's the way of the future. Get rid of your smart phones and just get onto smsfun.com.au and get txting!!
Posted by:Robert from Forestville

I love this site! and my i have turned to my friends into addicts aswell..GOOD WORK...
Posted by:Michele from Doveton

Sms fun is a vital communication tool that Has helped and stood by me when others left.. Smsfun is a friend that never judges me cos am broke :)
Posted by:Job from

smsfun, one of the few reliable sites that provide int'l sms service for free apart from allowing u to connect to a large and growing community of smsfunners.
Posted by:Anand from Auckland

What a Great Site! SO Much to do here :)
Posted by:Jo from

When i'm out of credit and need to send an emergency text, I always use SmsFun! It has saved me more than a few times. Thanks SmsFun!
Posted by:Scott from Melbourne

just joined sms fun, i have reached my destination in the sms world. this is extra super sms service.
Posted by:Gerald from

"SMSfun is fabulous, love the free text messaging and free joobz daily, greatway to keep in touch with family. More people should join in, its awesome!"
Posted by:Jess from

sending messages is a lot easier using smsfun is the best,cheapest,convenient,fast and reliable to communicate with your love ones miles away! love it!
Posted by:Faith from Marikina

i am totally new to this smsFUN, fun is what i need nooooooooooooooooooow
Posted by:Isobel from

Can't believe how convenient it is to send messages via SMSfun -thanks for the offers ;-}
Posted by:Kaye from

Sms fun is honest at least, unlike so many other free sms websites which say they send....but the recipient never receives!! Thank u smsfun!!
Posted by:Tanja from Victoria

SMSfun is the best! Who doesnt love free SMS and just free stuff in general for that matter! Point being. . . SMSfun is AWESOME!
Posted by:Michael from Kiama

whenever I run out of credit for my mobile. SMSfun always save my ass by giving me free sms
Posted by:Chi Ming from Sydney

SMS fun is great, when i am out of credit on my phone i can still send a text. love it. TY SMS fun.
Posted by:Macca from

I like SMS fun, quick and easy to use.
Posted by:Kathy from Brisbane

I think SMSFun is great, it's my littlt helper to send those important msga that just cant send when run out of credit. Thanks so much SMSFun!!
Posted by:Rebecca from Mawson Lakes

smsfun will save u $ guaranteed, why spend $ everyday on mulitple txts when u can use smsfun.
Posted by:Yuvz from Brisbane

so easy for me to use. what am i waiting for!!!
Posted by:Nick from

Sms fun has saved my ass on so many occasions! i dont know where id be without it! thanks for the service guys!
Posted by:Taylor from Perth

In between pay day recharge live savers
Posted by:Shannon from Frankston north

SMSFun is dee bomb diggity!
Posted by:Leroy from Melbourne

LOVE IT!! smsfun is easy to use and fun! earning points to spend on gift cards and stuff while offering free sms's and socialising ..great site!
Posted by:Tammy from

I love sms fun its so great when u have no credit
Posted by:Lynne from

SMSfun is a handy free online texting service which anyone can use as long as you have a working number. You can earn joobz as eaily as longing on daily..............
Posted by:Be from

its awesome knowing i can use smsfun to send free messages when i run out of credit, thank you.
Posted by:Harry from Blackmans Bay

SMSFun is the best place where I can keep in-touch with my friends and family.
Posted by:Wayne from Hobart

i love da free sms's - awesome
Posted by:Katrina from Frankston

The free SMS service is awesome, and the people on the site are so much fun to chat with.
Posted by:Matt from

smsfun is a nice service.there are many free sms sites,but most are not working,or are limited to 1-2-3 sms per day,or they have a big delay.you "send" the sms now,and it will be received tomorrow.that's why smsfun is nicest::
Posted by:XOR from

wow dis app is damn kool..love sendig sms :D
Posted by:Paayal from

SMSfun is a good way to send sms to people that you need to
Posted by:Tyron from

Probably the best sms/mms service worlwide!!!!!
Posted by:Sasa from Belgrade

Wow!its so amazing,through SMS FUN i can send free sms,thank you so much...
Posted by:Elysia from Brisbane

Great site!! I can send free text to my love ones whos miles away from me!! I love smsfun!!!!
Posted by:Madel from

SMSFun makes the world go round for me the free txts help a lot on rainy days
Posted by:Rutendo from Sippy Downs

smsfun is just awesome and the best place to send sms to friends and meet friends.. highly recommended..
Posted by:Tyler from

pretty dang cool if you ask me
Posted by:Shaina from Newie bby :)

smsfun rocks:)
Posted by:Patrick from

This is defineitly the best free texting website, I really recommend using it if you are running out of credit on your mobile phone. I really love the fact that you can claim rewards with Joobz!
Posted by:Tiffany from

im glad i came across this site when googling for free txts..yeah i found other sites but not quite like this one. SMSfun ROCKS!! loadsa free txts and mms sending per day, but its even a place to meet people and hear the banter as we say in belfast n.ire. I havent put credit on my phone for ages knowing i can come here, and go for prizes gain joobz and share. Its got CLASS!!! Thankx smsfun for a brilliant site. never downgrade our free sms..
Posted by:Darron from Belfast

I sent my first MMS today, a very useful feature.
Posted by:Robert from Brisbane

Is a great site to use all the time
Posted by:Barry from

Sms Fun is my Saviour! I'm always running out of Credit in the worst places. It's fun and there are so many opportunities to win stuff. I'm hoping to be in the Hottest Member contest next month! Thanks guys!
Posted by:Courtney from Toowoomba

Awesome website love the new design
Posted by:Husham from Perth

This is the coolest way to send txt! & it's free! Telling all my friends to logon & do it!
Posted by:Catherine from Dora Creek

u rock man....
Posted by:Franky from Cannington

Don't be a Gooba, get free texting and earn yourself some Joobz Brah!
Posted by:Carlito from Sydney

Wow, SMSFun is awesome. I like it very much..
Posted by:MARTIN from

I like grissiny and smsfun
Posted by:Grissiny from

i love smsfun its awesome i get to meet new people and stay connected with ma family and friends when im out of credit i love love smsfun im glad i found this smsfun website coz it has helps me in many ways thank people for this website smsfun
Posted by:Bilali from

smsfun is the absolute best free sms sending website when it comes to sending an sms abroad, I recommend this website to anyone.
Posted by:Mano from

SMSFun is a lifesaver. Thank you for bringing this to us.
Posted by:Zef from Bacolod city

amazing that a wide community is actually available, had no idea the site existed but very happy I found it :P
Posted by:Dan from Perth

thank you SMSFUN, u was changed my life, realy free sms, u was save my money thankyou
Posted by:Dimas from

ok so its very cool havin free sms but theres stuff to do on this site as well,,its a great idea! :)
Posted by:Pauly niggaman from Primbee

SMSfun has always been a great site, I enjoy watching it grow and continue to help others. Thanks evry1
Posted by:Timmi from Central coast

this is the best sms site to kip in touch with frnds overseas jst great......
Posted by:Angel from

have fun whit FREE mobi sms
Posted by:Yvonne from

Just jumped on this as I have a prepaid phone now, great for when Ive run out and forgotten to recharge!
Posted by:David from

Lots of free SMS sites don't work, wonder if these fakes are up to no good. SMSfun is the best and most of the members are funny and/or nuts. Love you SMSfun guys (OMG mushrooms)
Posted by:Tommy from Isleworth

great site love it
Posted by:Dale from Adelaide

SMSFUN is the Bomb! Love it! Saved the day many a night, & the chicks are hot too !
Posted by:Johnathon from Perth

smsfun is wicked... like really who can complain about getting free sms.... free in general is good
Posted by:Chris from Brisbane

Smsfun is an awesome website because when u have no credit you can get on this website and start sending free SMSs
Posted by:Tara from Ashwood

i often run out of credit so sms fun helps me alot also i sometimes find it quicker to just use this sight instead of phone
Posted by:Scott from Perth

a site to get free sms sent and even gives you discounts on recharging ya mobile. SOLD! and for some people, you can utilise the "social" side of it too.
Posted by:Corey from Buderim

smsfun is Great- So much variety and I can do My Marketing Campaigns also. Thinking of going Gold Membership.
Posted by:Tommy from

love smsfun so love that i can send free txts to my friends in nz ore even some of my family in aussie you rock guys x
Posted by:Victoria from Dargaville

It's great just great
Posted by:Sam from Geelong

Best Website ever! Simple as that!
Posted by:Michael from St Albans

sms fun is without a doubt the coolest site hands down :) i love love love this site :) its so awesome
Posted by:Melissa from

smsfun is so convenient, free and easy to use, lovin it
Posted by:Louise from Parkes

SMSFun is sooooooo awesome. Without it, i would have lost contact with my friends, as i would have to buy credit, coz i always run out fast. SMSFun is my LIFE!! :D
Posted by:Catherine from Sydney

smsfun is easy , convenient and free
Posted by:Gail from

free sms, plus so much more, loving it
Posted by:Jo from

Without smsfun.com.au & the magical 'Joobz' I would be lost staying in touch with friends between pay-days & HAVING to buy pre-paid credit. This site is ALWAYS reliable & my absolute favourite SMS site. Rock on guys - keep up the awesome site. GD
Posted by:Glen from

wow i cant beleive that it is acctaully free I LOVE YOU SMSFUN
Posted by:Danny from

what a great site the onley site was do give you something for free
Posted by:John from Sydney

SMS FUN is the best thing I ever came across. I’m always online and it just sooo easy to communicate via mobile phones while online.
Posted by:LIZZY from CAIRNS

This has given me a whole new way to text
Posted by:Dee from Auckland

Sms fumbled i the most convenient service on the internet
Posted by:Shane from

smsfun u are a life saver.i needed to send very important sms but ran out of credit and u guys were there to save me.many thnx use are the best ;)
Posted by:Luke from Marulan

Luv this so much. Nothing else compares but iPhone app is good but better if u could do more. But all in all it's a must have for sure.
Posted by:Tabitha from East Brisbane

this rocks its wicked
Posted by:Shaun from Murry bridge

What a very enlightening platform to use, very easy and rewarding. SmsFun - You ROCK!!!
Posted by:Harvey from Manaia

i love being able to msg my boyfriend!! im forver running out of credit with my phone and i know the first place to turn to when i have something important to say !! you guys rock, same for all the comps & prizes. <3 :D
Posted by:Casey from

love smsfun, dont know what i would do without it !! xxx
Posted by:Sharon from Middlesbrough

Great site! I've had so much fun on here. This site has helped at times when I have had no credit, however I still log in even though I am on a plan now to catch up on all the goss & fun! SMSFun is FUN!
Posted by:Dani from Hellbourne

Ita a great place to meet people and also get something for free
Posted by:Rebecca from Moe

SMSFUN rocks because it has been there for me through the tough times as a uni student with minimal wage and little phone credit. It allowed me to stay connected without massive phone bills attached. Thanks SMSFUN for keeping me close to friends and family.
Posted by:Chad from Sydney

Posted by:George from Wynnum West

i love smsfun the free texts are very convenient and it is a great place to meet new people and have decent conversation
Posted by:Glen from

I LOVE SMSFUN, its the best SMS online service I've ever used :) Very happy :)
Posted by:Jodie from Maroubra

SMS for fun is addictive! It's one of my fave sites! I wouldn't use anything else coz its safe and FREE!
Posted by:Sarah from Toowoomba

Since I changed over to a phone plan that doesn't include international calls or texts, SMSFun has been even more AMAZING than it was before. I can text my friends in England without running up a massive phone bill :)
Posted by:Erin from Brisbane

SMS Fun is the fastest and easiest way to send free Text to friends and family. Even Ranging across 58 different countries.
Posted by:Jenna from Adelaide

There's always something happening which keeps you glued to this site. SMSfun, love it.
Posted by:Jean-Paul from Rosemeadow

its sooooo cool I use this website to send what i deen when i need to wher i need
Posted by:Amaar from

sms fun is amazing, sometimes your too broke to buy credit and contacting people is important that when smsfun saves the day!! ^.^
Posted by:Toni from

great site works fantastically even in nz fully recommend,have already bragged on face book
Posted by:Scott from

I've been a member of several Free SMS websites, and SMSFun definitely takes the cake. It's fast, reliable, easy to use, and most of all - it's built on a nice and friendly community!
Posted by:Jonathan from Melbourne

Smsfun has got me out of so much I'm always running out of credit so I love it ppl r cool websites more updated then Facebook u have a dislike button yeah give it up for smsfun !!
Posted by:Libby from Brisbane

Pretty cool site, who wouldnt want free texts?
Posted by:Emilee from A place of the unknown

Fantastic!!! Free SmS', free communication, awesome . just bloomin awesome!!!!!
Posted by:Andy from Melbourne

SMS Fun Best Website Ive Eva Used Heres My Ranks On Websites 1.SMS Fun 2.Facebook 3.Notorious Dons 4.ATHDENET.COMB
Posted by:Joe from

Love smsfun it helps me keep in touch. Not sure what I would do without it.
Posted by:Lisa from Wendouree

The fact that you can send an SMS to virtually anyone anywhere in the world is excellent. Thank you for the great service.
Posted by:John from Gold Coast

It's just Facebook, except... it has FREE SMS! WIN! WIN!
Posted by:Shane from Lala

awesome free sms and bonus and gift! come and join!
Posted by:Thao from

Smsfun is the best, can always send txt's even when my credit runs out I love it
Posted by:Angie from Ballarat

If you think about sms fun is one of the best sites round. You get free text messages and rewards. I don't go on often like I should but i keep telling all my friends to sign up and they r all starting to. One of the best sites I have ever found and one I will be using for years to come.
Posted by:Jeremy from Denmark

Posted by:Loiuse from

'SMSFun Rocks' is an understatement. Free SMS everyday has made living so much easier and affordable. Before I joined, I was using an email software to send SMS @$0.25/message billed to a postpaid account which was costing me a small fortune at the end of each month. Even more impressive, is the competitions and offers available from smsfun.com.au site. After transferring my prepaid mobile network to Optus, I earned a wopping 1000 Joobz which translated into approx. more than $100 cash. Thanx.
Posted by:Jean-Paul from

smsfun is just a wonderful web to contact with ur friends and make friends, lots of stuff waiting for us to find out, who wouldn't like this?
Posted by:Mercy from

ran out of credit texting to aus from england, found smsfun and i love it :)
Posted by:Rachael from

Love this free smsfun the best thing to have where I can send to my kids in New Zealand and also if I run out of credit I can smsfun to my family here in Australia. Recommended highly smsfun site your the BOMB :)
Posted by:Katie from Ipswich

SMSFun really is free. Why pay up to 25c for a text message when you can text for free.
Posted by:Lancer from

I like smsfun for its awesome free smss and also the joobz
Posted by:Nanda from

SMSFUN IS better than facebook
Posted by:Milad from Dadsd

SMS fun is great. I've put the app on my iphone and am thrilled with it.
Posted by:Tulip from Atherton

i love smsfun it was great to text ur love ones free, all i can say is awesome keep it up
Posted by:Abby from Olongapo city

love sms fun very easy to use and great for when your otta credit, :) love love love it
Posted by:Jaymee from Adelaide

This website is EPIC. The only website I turn to for all my smsing needs :)
Posted by:Karthik from Adelaide

Haven't been using for too long but looks like an excellent site, very organised and a great community so far
Posted by:Bernard from

i am so addicted to this site now i need to donate waiting to get paid joobs ftl
Posted by:Richard from Birmingham

i always used to get upset when i ran out of credit koz the i would have to wait 1 week to get more till i found out about smsfun totally awesome i love it i wouldnt know what i would do without it running out of credit now is awesome thanks very much smsfun
Posted by:Kylie from Sydney

as a seafarer, this site saves me a lot of trouble...and a lot of bucks too! No need to buy local simcards to every port just to send texts to my family. the fun with smsfun is that it's free!
Posted by:John from

SMSFUN rocks my socks off!!! easy and fun to use, thanks for being AWESOME
Posted by:Scottq from Pakenham

OHH Yeah Buddy, just love smsfun. Gotta ergent txt and you have no credit on ya ph, no need to stress now bro.... SMSfun is here to save you.......
Posted by:Karina from

I joined SMSFUN initially because I urgently needed to be able to contact someone. SMSFUN is the only legitimate free SMS site. Now i'm completely addicted to SMSFUN for millions of reasons other than free SMS. KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK GUYS!!!
Posted by:Chris from Coldstream

I LOVE SMSfun!it has saved me sooo many times being able to send free texts. Then i swaped to optus and got enough joobz to buy a new phone and credit YAY!!!
Posted by:Lori from 14 alzino pl carrara

I always want to talk and chat with my family in US, Philippines, Taiwan..and sending an sms for them is a very cheap way of letting them know I always communicating with them...smsfun help me a lot of saving my pocket and same time fun...thank you smsfun...
Posted by:Rebecca from Wentworth Falls

SMS Fun is awesome. It's a life saver when you don't have credit and I love the fact you can earn joobz to purchase gifts. It's very rewarding.
Posted by:Stephanie from Melbourne

I love smsfun! i love it! love it!
Posted by:Suk Chun from

this is a really cool site.... best things in life r for free
Posted by:Lenny from

SMSfun has come along way since a few years ago when i last used it. its good because that extra amount of free sms's a day really helped keep my bill down !
Posted by:Andrew from Melbourne

love,love,love,love,lovelovelove SMSFun xxxxxxxxxx
Posted by:Maryanne from Bundaberg

Ive been a member of SmsFun since 2008 and Love it, Free Txts, great people, Awesome Admin and Mad Competitions to enter, I got a new android phone just for switching to optus :)
Posted by:Alex from Surry hills

Love love sms fun , heaps of cool things 2 do , great prizes and free txt's , could it get any better ?
Posted by:Sarah from Campbelltown

I love SMS fun ; I love the rewards ; the Free SMS everything about this site is amazing
Posted by:Tasha from Shalvey

Love this site
Posted by:Utkarsh from

SMSFun is pretty cool, just joined today...
Posted by:Amy from Perth

This site is excellent. The community is very large and supportive, and the bonus of earning rewards for doing everyday things with your phone is great!
Posted by:Jordan from Churchill

smsfun.com.au is a brilliant avenue :)
Posted by:Lee from NSW

I have participated in more sites that serve the sms Messages, but I never found any sites like smsfun , I really appreciate smsfun and I want from them to provide Arabic messages.
Posted by:Abdulrahman from Hadhramout, Mukalla

i love smsfun! i love the joobz and how you can buy things with it. it's just so cool how you can send free sms. i would refer smsfun to everyone! thanks smsfun for making my life better! :)
Posted by:Karina from Melbourne

i love this site have only just started using it and dam having heaps of fun as i have got a new girlfriend from this service and did i mention loving it
Posted by:John from Crestmead

So SMSFUN = free SMS when your in a bind but then I actually bothered to pay attention (I have a short attention span) and I noticed that the site wasn't just some internet txt site it was a whole forum and community site where you can meet people and WIN FREE STUFF!!! Which is awesome in itself. I refer people to this site all the time.
Posted by:Ted from Devonport

Love it easy to get to. So cool
Posted by:Marcus from

SMSFun is so much fun! As a member, I find there are lots of things you can do on here, such as Earning or Buying Joobz, Shopping, Donating, Participating into Competitions, Winning Prizes (If you're randomly selected), the freedom to update your status, And many other great stuff that SMSFun has in store for everyone. Words cannot express how much I really enjoyed SMSFun that gives me a whole lot of reason to keep me coming back for more. I Love it!
Posted by:Leona from

SmsFun is amazing and saves me heaps! Im not really a fan of making calls and when it comes to texting its everynow and then. With SmsFun is great with, cheap and comes with the bonuses of a social networrk.
Posted by:Gisma from St Clair

SMSFUN SMSFUN is the best site ive been using it for a couple years and swear by it its never let me down and it wont let you down so come try it i dare you you will never look back and will be addicted... LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by:DONNA from WOODRIDGE

SMS Fun is great, Fun and Easy. thanks to smsfun free sms, it keeps me intouch and out of trouble with all the friends and family when im inbetween credit
Posted by:Jeff from Gosford

this is a really cool site..definitly reccomend(& will be) to everyone...:)
Posted by:Kara from Seymour

I am grateful to be able to have smsfun, such an awesome site love it to bitz!!!!
Posted by:Suzie from Geraldton

SMS FUN! This website is 10x better then any other site! free texts are just awsome! Much love for the SMS Fun CREW! <3
Posted by:Gamachise from

Thankyou google for finding SMS fun for me!! able to send free texts, and I also got a new free phone from SMS fun!
Posted by:Kate from

Just love using smsFun. Have recommended it to everyone I know. Easy, fun and friendly place to be. Go go go smsFun.
Posted by:Da from

SMSfun is so great to be with. It’s been well developed now and I really love it. So great to have free sms texted. It’s been awesome. Save me a lot~ In return, I am going to introduce more friends of mine to use it.
Posted by:Joy from Brisbane

Wow!! SMSFUN is amazing. Love the free texting and the other exciting stuff on here. Thanks a ton:)
Posted by:Neeta from Melbourne

The best site for free SMS. Thank you a lot. :)
Posted by:Filip from

smsfun is the only free sms sitethat has no hasstle, no hidden costs and is so easy to use.....FANTASTIC PRODUCT........
Posted by:Marissa from

Thanks SMSfun for such a great opportunity. I wish I could donate a couple of bucks at least, but I can't, and I am not sure I should say why. Please, those who can donate, do it and help keep this gorgeous site alive.
Posted by:Nogelio from

love SMSFUN the fact that it actually is free...n that im able to get hold of all my family and friends and not stress about who has a fone i can use :)
Posted by:Christiann from Bendigo

Send all your family and friends a nice merry Xmas SMS or mms Of Xmas eve photos! It's all free with smsfun.com
Posted by:Lou from Ascotvale

I love this site! Perfect way to get connected to my friends in other countries! ^_^
Posted by:Ma. Erica from

Posted by:Naomi from

smsfun is the best it means uve always got credit u always meet new people catch up with the latest gossip n news freeee to join n send wats more to know..FREEE FREEE FRRREEEE UR A FOOL TO NOT BECOME A SMSFUN MEMBER..
Posted by:Chanelle from Sydney

free sms, and a way to earn recharge..what more could a girl want..free money!
Posted by:Cathy from

join up n do it quick! awsome website free sms n lots more no catch or cost.. crazy if u dont check it out!
Posted by:Bones from Sydney

can not believe I have been wasting money on texts, before i found this site. SMS fun is a awesome site
Posted by:Todd from

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It's actually more then I expected it to be, not only can you send texts when youre out of credit, you can communicate with other people from all over Aus! It's the best! :D
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thanx for the free txts, i am much obliged, not much is for free today and your a light at the end of the tunnel.....much appreciation
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last month i went 794 texts over my limit. now that i can text from my ipod i have no more expensive bills (:
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When i found SMSFun i thought it would just be the same old scams, But after signing up i realised it wasnt a scam at all. SMSFun is the best sms website in existance and it has helped me more than any other website. I love SMSFun and will continue using it.
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Just joined SMSfun, it's absolutely fantastic, can't get enough of it, it's an amazing place to meet and make new friends and have a chat! :) Thanks SMSfun :)
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wow gotta looove smsfun....i use it almost everyday,dont know where i`de be without these free txt as my phone is almost always outta credit..3 cheer`s for smsfun YAY!!!!
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Without SMSFun, I would be going crazy!!! My phone is always out of credit, and NOW my phone is broken...where do I go to stay in touch with my loved ones??? RIGHT HERE on SMSFun. I love it. Its my life saviour LOL.
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It's brilliant, i use it on a daily basis :)
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Hey my mame is Scott my friend told me about this site i said to him yeah yeah there are heaps of free sms sites damn how i was wrong since i signed up i recon i have been to this site at least once a day all i have to say about it is it is brillient Keep up the good work dont know what i would do without this site (lol yeah i do i would be paying for a butt load of sms's) Thanks once again for a great site Cheers to the creators **** HOT SITE
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I basically live off this site, especially since international texting is so expensive! This is my home page on my browser, I have to visit this site at least once a day :D
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Loving the free sms's, KEEP up the AWESOME work, SMSFUN. YOU ROCK!
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smsfun is th bomb'diggs gotta love it when it comes to havn no credit (:
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Never thought a free sms site could be so good.. SMSfun is pretty Amazing. helps me save alot of money for phone credit and i get to meet new ppl n everything. SMSfun is Kick Ass! :D
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I have & would Recommend this site to Everybody!!! Its Awesome and Has Saved me When I havent had Credit!!! Thankx SMSFUN ...xxxx ;)
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sms prices in aus are ridiculous, thanks god you guys are here.
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Wicked awesome site...the free SMS r great an the ppl u meet r the nicest ive met online..U GUYS ROCK!!
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i can write my gf in australia. for free.awesome
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SMSFUN is great! I can send free SMS to all my friends, and catch up with mates on the site :)
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SMFUN! You rock! You help me through the tuff times and hav fun at the same time! Will pay u bak 1 day
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It is by far the best free online sms site.
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Love that i can send free text and earn credit for free
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i like the fact i can get free texts for nothing! great for when credits low, or i'm out. i rly should use this more often! :)
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You just cant through the internet & not stop off at SMSFun to see what all it's fantastic members are up to!
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this must be the best free sms site out there,with me stranded at home with no credit to text my friends smsfun has saved me lolz :P
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SMSfun pwns. its just sooo awesome <3
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This is great. Im a TxT queen so to get some for free just rocks my world!
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Its great because I hardly ever have credit, but always need to text people and it works great!
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I'd B TOTALLY lost without my free sms fun!
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fantastic site, allows me to send free texts to my girlfreind in oz. aand full to the gills with freindly people :D
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ever since coming across this i totally love this site i am so going to tell all my friends about this site as many of them dont have credit in thier phone to text back to people so keep up the good job
Posted by:Caroline from Otara

smsfun is a great community service, it has free sms,(why give phone providers more money, they have enough), competitions,forums and much more. I use freesms on a regular basis and will keep on using and supporting it. I have tried to use other free sms sites before i found smsfun and have found smsfun to be the best,easiest and most fun to use and so do my friends.So sign up now and start to enjoy this fun friendly and free site. Thankyou smsfun.
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SMS fun is amazing!! Not only can you send free txts but you can meet so many awesome people =)
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When i'm in between phone recharges, SMSfun allows me to keep in contact with the ones I love, and it's so easy to use, just log on and send! amazing!
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SMSFUN has saved my life as a promoter it comes in handy when you have no money on your mobile
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sms fun, making life easier and more entertaining. LOVE IT :D
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it is easy and hello free says it all
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I love it it's cool and a fun way to stay conected too all ur friends and too see what's going on with the day.......,. You rock SMS fun
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SMSFUN is brilliant. Especially when I'm stuck in a university library where I can't use my phone! How else would I keep on skiving from work and talking to my fella instead?!?
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SMSFUN is goood i love it! ;) my phones currently susspended =[ lol soo this is pretty goood
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i think smsfun is da way to go i love it and there should be more like it look for your self and you will be hooked as well
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This Is A Site Where I Can Express My Felling With Other People :) Who Ever is reading this thanks and i love you all :)
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SO THANKFUL FOR THIS SITE MAN..people with no credit can rejoice :D
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omg i just love the free txt i sit here and text and cant keep up with my bros thnx so much SMSFUN ROCKS!!!!!
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What an awesome site. Its excellent to see people who are not after profit but cater for the community. Try unconditional love. What can I say but BRILLIANT.
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This is the best site of it's kind in the country if not the world. There is a lot of great people to meet on here and the sms's you send always get through. Call me your number 1 fan
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SMSFUN is so easy and convenient. I'm fairly slack with recharging my credit, and SMSFUN saves me a trip up the shops. *some sort of action involving thumbs up*
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wow why did i wait so long i knew about the free sms bit but not the fun part
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SMSFun is coool as. i have even recommended it to my friends, whenever they are otu of credit, i told them to use smsfun. coz it save u credit, and that u dont get a high bill if ur on a plan., seeing as im on prepaid i like smsfun, coz it saves me credit. and i get to text my mates whenever i dont have credit, so yehh. coool!!!!!!!.
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I love this web site so much easier to use and plan on upgrading membership when I have the chance too.
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A very easy website to use and a great concept. Keep up the good work !!
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smssun great love it now can txt my baby wen i run out of credit, so now he can waste his credit on me
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Great Service and unique in its kind. So much things at one place, jokes, fool friend and most importantly international messages. You never gonna find it elsewhere... Cheers
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sms fun is pre hekkas. the ppl are great to meet n the service is the best!
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Im using SmsFun for couple of years already and haven't seen anything better. It's FREE, fun layout, can find friends near u!!!! Simply the BEST!
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this is the best site ive ever been on coz it allows me 2 send free sms to friends and also lets me social with others using the same site.. which is GREAT!! :)
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smsfun is sooo awesome (: its like the 2nd greatest site (facebook is the 1st :P) ii <3 smsfunnn =D
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SMSfun is the greatest website i have ever been on. I wish that i knew about it when i first got a phone so i diidnt need to waste my money on credit:D
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This site is the best free sms site ive found and its also good for socializing :D
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smsfun is the best site ever, not much in this world is 100% free but with sms fun its all free no worries about it, i have saved so much money, and when im in a tight spot smsfun has saved me. i love this site, im on here alot, apart fRom the free sms's theres also heaps of other cool things to do!! so check it out now!! no gimiks , just grate!!!!
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SMSFun continues to evolve as the best free sms site within Australia. A large community base with many 100s and 1000s of members. There are some people on here that make it a very special place. Check out the Funtools, Forum, Live Chatroom, Hottest Members, Joobz, IMEI Look up, Fool your friend and recharge your prepaid on smsfun
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SMSfun is super cool. Its the best tool for sending FREE SMS when I am out of credit in my fone LOL. I now live off it to save my fone credit haha... The best ever :D
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I love smsfun as it give me free sms to send to my beloved girl in India. Thank you SMSFun you are amazing....
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Gotta luv smsfun!! Thanx for helping make life a little bit less stressful lol!! Especially wen ur outta credit n the person u need is only contactable via mobile.
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This site is awesome since my recent phone broke.
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I once heard that SMSfun was struck by lightning... twice.... in the same spot..... and lived.
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Best site for when you need to contact ppl and your low on credit and toooo lazy to drive down and recharge lolz...
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sms has saved me several times when i aint got credit it keeps me in touch with everyone when they need me or think maybe i'm ignoring them and sms fun helps them know i still care and i can get back to them without much hassle thanks heaps sms fun
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great site, id be stuck with out it,
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SMSFun is awesome, im loving it ;)
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SMSFun always allow me to send SMS... even when I'm out of credit! :D
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this site is:: get ready :: better than face book =) i mean it !!
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1610 free texts a day. Need I say more.
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This site helps me out heaps. keeps me in contact when im out of credit, thanks heaps smsfun! appreicate it. :)
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Cheers to SMSFun...its a good place to chat to new people and also we get free sms...
Posted by:Kylie from Rockhampton

If you want to sms your friends in Thailand its great! you can cut and paste translations straight into the smsfun site and send an sms your friends can read - no need to change your text on the phone or work out the keys for the foreign alphabet! cool hey!
Posted by:Lyn from Sydney

I love it this site rocks man :) Freakin awesome :P
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Its great try it for yourself!!! Dnt take my word 4it
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I am absolutely lovin SMSFun, Free SMS, are you kidding me, where else can you get free sms, lol. Very impressed.
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This site is soo good when ever i run out of credit it saves me from disater thanks smsfun:)
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This site is AWESOME!! the online discussions and competitions are very entertaining!! YOU ROCK GUYS!!!
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Omg smsfun is so fun. I love coming on and talking to my friends since this is the only way i can talk to them really. I practically live on this site!
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i was so desperate to send a msg i was waiting for my bro to come home and then as i was google serching to waste time i found smsfun aka my life saver... ill definetly lend out some cash once i have enough to support myself lol
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SMS Fun is Awesome! I always use up my pre-paid credit too fast, but now I can still SMS and don't have to wait to get credit to message my friends back.
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I'm new to sms fun, but I love it already, why use my credit to send sms when I can do it for free!
Posted by:Nicole from Traralgon

the best site ever. coz you can get it on your mobile when your out and if you dont have cred it's so simple to use. not to mention all the bonuses like competitions and friends and things. its great how you guys have set it up and i'll always be with it. :D xoxoxo
Posted by:Missy from Gold coast

smsfun is so cool, i love the site and i just started. Told my sister bout it and she is already on to it lols .. keep the good work going guys :) the only free thing I've ever gotten 1607 txt woohoo .. THX!!
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Smsfun is a life saver couldn't imagine not having credit and thanks to Smsfun i dont have to, its awesome. Keep the free txt's coming, Thank You :D
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i used to get in loads of trouble 4 going over my monthly credit but now i have sms fun that's no longer possible
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Woo hoo free txts and it's heaps easier for me to use the computer keyboard than trying to txt on the mobile.
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I can't believe how awesome SMSFUN is! Every other free sms site on the internet has NOTHING on this site, it's amazing! Thanks to SMSFUN I can keep in contact with my partner and son when I have no credit and I get to meet fun people and be part of a community at the same time!
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This is a great service, the free service I was using before this just doesn't compare. This place is a lot of fun and it's great to get free sms !!
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SMSfun is the best sms site around, it's saved me sooo many times when i'm out of credit, I love SMSfun! :D
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Awesome website. Love thank god for this now i can txt my bf. When got no cred. Sweet..
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great website when your out of txt which most people are lol . SMSFUN is some cool website :). should try it the next time your outof credit :p
Posted by:Lilsweetyy from Far far away....

Gr8 site and am glad i found it, few minutes to sign up and away ya go !!!! Go smsfun !
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SMSFUN has saved me a lot of money, and i really appreciate what you guys are doing. Thankyou! peace
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smsfun is a massive lifesaver. i get to send texts when i desperately need to. thanks heapsss! :D
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i love this site ay it lets me send free sms to friends and family so im never missing out on anything thanks to www.smsfun.com.au rock on
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loves smsfun... fun way 2 stay in touch wit ya mates keep up da good work pples<3
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just joined SMSfun sure comes in handy when i run out of credit thanks
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Smsfun is the greatest free sms website ever!. Well done guys!
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love sms fun it has got me out of trouble when i have'nt had credit on the phone and had to contact someone urgently its also a fun way of meeting people, luv it
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SMS Fun is the awesomest free sms site ever! Never had so much fun on a website esp with the competitions!!
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Smsfun is great!!
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My kids are in shock LOL I was hopeless texting from my phone but now with smsfun the text messages are flying. Love it. Pay back time now.
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I just want to say that i plan to marry a girl from the philippines and you just made it possible for me to send sms to the philippines wow thats fanatastic.. i guess helping me see the need to support this sight thanks very much
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SMS Fun is the awesomest free sms site ever! Never had so much fun on a website esp with the competitions!!
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SMSfun is great, bails me out everytime I can't text off my phone. I intend to use it for a long time to come!! Thanks guys :)
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thank god forsmsfun i love it sam
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Luv Luv Luv smsfun, always great for when i dont have credit and even when i do and just wanna be tight lol.... :)
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SMSfun is the bomb lol so easy to use and FREE! What more could you ask for. Keep Smsfun going guys!! Love it!
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smsfun is soooo cool...easy to use & sooo straight forward....LOVE IT!!
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This site is an absolute lifesaver, if im at home its sms fun leaving me credit for when i am on the move, fantastic...
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Sikk site, really helps when Im low on cred. NEED MONEY! :D
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would be absolutely lost without smsfun to bail me out when i dont have credit
Posted by:Kyhal from Karingal

I've been using this site for well over a year now! It's so good to be able to text people, even when I run out of credit. Smsfun ftw.
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heyhey its jojobaybeh. i have been on this site 4 like 2 years. if i have a problem it always works out :D its the best site ive ever joined and it has the best ppl on it :D i loverr you doot and smsfun hq hehe <3
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I love SMSFun, I have to text my Girlfriend a lot, and I havet had time to get out and buy credit, So for now, ill be using SMSFun, It really is the best Free SMS Website avalable, and trust me I have tried many.! Thank you SMSFun
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I have just found this site and sms are really free ! many site say they are till you try them. So just wanted to say thankyou and brill i will be loking around and earning and helping
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thats what freedom and independence means,,,,, free from cashed sms... freedom from recharges.. wow this is really amazing...... koodusss
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No credit? No worries. smsfun has saved me many times and will continue to in the future. thanks alot smsfun!!
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SMSFun would have to be the best free sms website ever made not only do u get to send free sms's u can go into the chat forums and interact with new people all my friends use this and they swear by it!!!
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SMS fun is pretty much the shizzay. (: When you find yourself in a bit of a pickle you can still send texts for free to get the msg across! And using your profile helps you meet new people. It's rad. I heart smsfun haha xo
Posted by:AshBABY. from Cornubia

itssss awesomeeee
Posted by:Ally from Newcastle

its great
Posted by:Mickey k from Sydney

best thing ever!
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Smsfun saves me heaps on credit all the time, loving the free sms
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who doesnt like free stuff?? everyone luvs free thinqs especially if ur saving money...loving eveything about sms fun & tha free texts xx
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What a life saver! Thanks smsfun team for such a fun and useful site!
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Free sms. What more do I say? thanks
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smsfun is tha coolist
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love this site for sms n meeting new people n also cool to use for emergencys
Posted by:Sammm from Granville

This site is a life saver. One of the few ways i can keep in touch with important people i dont see often. Thankyou SMSfun :)
Posted by:Rhiannon from Lilydale

love this site when ur down on ur credit great work :)
Posted by:Camma from Wangaratta

SMSfun is a great site. They are always there when I need them. Especially when credit is running low. Good on you SMSfun.
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Posted by:Laura from Banyo

Great site enjoy it very much. Others should join and be part highly recommended
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'mazin. :D i've missed this site SO much. even though i have unlimted free texts i still love everything else on this site :)
Posted by:Kirstie from Yeovil

Lovin' the free text-SMS fun rocks :)
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I love sms fun. i have been using it for like 3 years now and it has saved me a lot of money. but more than that, it is free and awesome. i have recommened it to everyone i know. sick :D
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Sms fun is the best website for sending free text, i have searched so many dofferent websites and this is the only one that is laget and doesn't charge u anything and has no scams! it is also fun and i am enjoying it very much :)
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smsfun is the best if it wasnt for them i dont know what i would do!
Posted by:Rebecca from

smsfun has been a life saver and has been there when i need to text someone urgently. I have met so many people on here that live only 5 minutes away from me its awsome.
Posted by:Rhiannon from Tewantin

if im ever stuck without any credit, SMSFun pretty much saves the day :P Not often you get something for nothing, great to know there are organizations out there looking out for people!
Posted by:Kathryn from Melbourne

this website is amazing, what could be better then free text messages? and where else better then smsfun.com.au? its great,its also a good place for people to connect with fun activities and competitions, not to mention cool prizes!
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SMSfun is Freaking Awsome...Get to Send Free Txt to peeps and Meet HEctic people at the same time. ONCE AGAIN....A-W-S-O-M-E!!!!!!
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SMSFUN is awesome, best free sms sites in Australia. Thank you SMSFUN!!!
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smsfun is great! I always run out of texts or haven't topped up and its my number 1 site to come to when i get the urge to text ^^
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I love smsfun. its saved me like $50 a week that i need for petrol money hahah LOVE IT
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smsfun is the shiznit, saves heaps of time and money ;)
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SMSfun, How do I begin to describe it! It's amazing and fun, I use it daily and not just for the free text. It has so much to offer!!
Posted by:Rachelle from Eagleby

THIS PLACE IS THE COOLEST! its like evrything you could want in a website right here :)
Posted by:Tash from Melbourne

A simply fantastic experience to use and marvel at! The generosity is unparalleled and the experience unbeatable. Thanks SMSfun! 10/10!
Posted by:Jake from Bannockburn

A most agreeable site to use indeed. Love the competitions and the rewards club, it's entertaining and you can communicate with people for free which is Stupendously Awesome. Well done smsfun!
Posted by:Krishna-Lila from Brisbane

Without SMSfun, my life would be incredibly boring! How in earth would I organise things with friends? :P Quite possibly THE best site I have ever stumbled across. FIVE STARS. :)
Posted by:Jessica from Isabella Plains

Great site, good forums full of positive comment. When my credit ran out, I looked for a free sms site & found SMSFun and never looked back. I come here everyday to send some sms, watch the Hottest member contest & place some votes. Very good support from mods & admin. Terrific site all round. Keep up the good work SMSFun :-)
Posted by:Mike from Melbourne

SMsFUN is awesome its saved me so mutch $$.. thanks smsfun keep up the good work :)
Posted by:Ignatius from Canningvale

this site has really helpled when i need to reply quick and i dont have credit....thanks heaps
Posted by:Joshua from Charters towers

i love smsfun!!! i couldnt live without it!!!
Posted by:Karsha from Sydney

SMS Fun is a fantastic user friendly website that I would recommend to all my friends :) Keep up the good work!
Posted by:Hollee from Adelaide

i love sms fun. when i ran out of credit on my phone i was like "dammit" so i searched the web and i found smsfun. now i can always rely on smsfun to be able to chat to my mates. plus i type faster than i text so its great for speed texting!
Posted by:Jake from Woolgoolga

SMSFun is bloody genious!!! Definately worth signing up for, saves me heaps on credit!
Posted by:Josh from Ballarat

ohaii!! i love the free sms, comps & chatroom (: made lots of friends <3
Posted by:SCREAMER from Bundaberg

this is a maad sweet site!!!!!
Posted by:Maria from Casino

smsfun is the hottest online location for young people to meet and share similar interest...check it out now!
Posted by:Mermaid from Brisbane

SMsFUN is awesome its saved me so mutch $$.. thanks smsfun keep up the good work :)
Posted by:David from Brisbane

wow smsfun has saved me so much money thank you smsfun! it all adds up! ^^ the best site ever!! (Y)
Posted by:Winston from Melbourne

I so love smsfun,what other site do you know of that gives you free txtin 2 021-027 an it really does work,an make friends with heaps of peeps from all over the world:)
Posted by:Victoria from Tokoroa

Nice Site, positive feelings that makes me come back, members also very frendly, well done SMSFUN
Posted by:Stephen from Mt Evelyn

great fun place to meet new people have random fun free sms without any hassles, I love smsfun woop woop
Posted by:Ree from Albury

we all know what a great site this is, so why are you reading this since you already know how good it is. off you go, take advantage of the genorosity and remember to click da banners!
Posted by:Matt from Adelaide

tots awesome!!
Posted by:Laura from Toowoomba

Fucken good shit man.Be positive..
Posted by:Nezzit from Glen Innes

lek omg its fully sick cuz =]
Posted by:Amanda from Sydney

this is great. im saving money.
Posted by:Tina from Melbourne

love this site..going to save me heaps...thanks for the free upgrade...1000 free sms wooohooo!!!
Posted by:Deb from Adelaide

smsfun has saved me so many times when i have ran of credit! it has worked wonders for me for social networking as well as for my own personal messaging. thanks smsfun
Posted by:Dan from Surfers paradise

i was babysitting the little one for my mum and she fell down the stairs and broke her arm i had to credit to ring or text and sms fun helped =] thanx guys =]
Posted by:Josephine from Chainvalley Bay

I love staying in touch with my girl!
Posted by:Brett from Kallangur

This site is awesomeee , saves me money and time . :] ! <3
Posted by:Lynniee from Brisbane

I have been using SMSFun ever since my friend told me about it. They offer the ability to send free sms to Australia, UK and NZ. It is free but you are limited to how much your allowed to send. I have given them a once off donation of $2.00 which allows me to send 15 free SMS a day and 8 Fool Your Friend SMSs This is limited to 120 characters and you can go to the traditional 160 if you have joobz. To gain more joobz you have to click on advertising banners or purchase them. They have a online phonebook so if it makes it efficient when your SMSing on the going, as well as it makes a handy backup if your phone or SIM card dies. They gain most of their revenue through advertisements and not the user. They also have a premium number tool to find who is trying to scam you and how much it is costing. A IMEI look-up tool to see if your second hand phone is stolen. Enter a phone number of a friend to find which network they are using. Win prizes, set SMS Reminders and they also have a SMS dictionary.
Posted by:Adrian from Gold Coast

Posted by:Rebecca from Medowie

thnx for free txts, now i can send my gf txts for free as i hav no cred =D
Posted by:Gina from Carlton

i never seem to get around to buying credit and being a teenage girl my life revolves around my phone, sms fun provides me with easy free sms's to all my friends. thanks to the guys who started it . join today if u havnt already.. its a giant money saver xxx
Posted by:Hayley from Mt warrigal

what can beat free sms
Posted by:Dan from Palm beach GOLD COAST

Posted by:Gabrielle from Melbourne

thankyou sms fun my gameing life would suffer without you guys, you have saved my butt so mny times specialy since I have a younge family and emergencies happen often. when i do have money I always give someting back to you guys too thanks again!
Posted by:Carrie from Gold Coast

brillant, let me keep texting my gf in OZ when I ran out of money
Posted by:Oliver from Dunedin

Lovin dis Site Man!! I'm Rockin Adamz Jocks! :P Peace Out.. Chandz Xx
Posted by:Chandy from Lilydale

i was locked out of the house with no credit and smsfun.com.au saved me waiting in the heat by getting a text to my boyfriend to drop the keys past...phew!!!
Posted by:Maxine from Thornlands

Best thing ever>. Why pay heaps to the capitalists. Just sponsor a struggling business!
Posted by:Dave from Gosford

It is an excellent website. Great for meeting new friends. I've been a member for nearly 2yrs and i use it every day! its saved me so much money and i donate to help them out so we can all continue to use such a great system. Keep up the good work
Posted by:Saul from Perth

Posted by:Cherie from Chester hill

lifesaver wen i ran out of credit =]
Posted by:Nicole from Melbourne

awesome free txting site has saved me heaps thanx alot :)
Posted by:Philip from Sydney

fantastic gone are the days of my man being assurred of a ME free day when i got no credit never worried about being stuck at home no car no credit ever again can always text someone to my rescue SWEET!!!
Posted by:Marie from Melbourne

this is a great site, I'm so glad I was put onto it. It's handy, convenient, and easy to send all the SMS's I need.
Posted by:Kate from Margate

ess emm ess, ing makes me happy because i like to send letters in random sequences to others thankyou a k g k t i e a k dl t ao
Posted by:Zak from Melbourne

Posted by:Renae from Sydney

great service i just love the free sms
Posted by:Jeff from Tamworth

What an awesome idea this is, I couldn't have thought of a better way, that a site like this could give back to the community of the countries allowed to use this service..The world needs more of this sort of thing, and what a better world it would be, if companires like the ones supporting these ventures, are going to do for the people of this world...Good on ya..SMSfun rules SUPREME...
Posted by:Sam from Blag 1/2

i like tea and sms i like to drink sms while i tea
Posted by:Zak from Melbourne

this website has helped me so much when i have no credit! i think we should be able to send 30 messages a day though. would make life so much easier!
Posted by:Bitch from Melbourne

if wasnt for this site my gf would of killed me by now hehe
Posted by:Bow from Glendenning

When I'm tight on credit and need to message that special someone, who do you call? SMSFUN :)
Posted by:Rob from Horsley Park

smsfun is cool it really helps when i run out of credit
Posted by:Fred from Mornington

What an awesome site! When I'm low on credit this is the perfect site I was looking for!
Posted by:Brodie from Yep

i think it is great!
Posted by:Carlie from Tumut

sms fun rocks!! when i have no credit on my phone i use sms fun and i dont pay anything, and even if u dont donate u still get ten message per day, thx sms fun ^.^ life saver! and moneysaver!
Posted by:Michael from Sydney

its awesome
Posted by:Janelle from Gosford

this is the best free site i have ever used
Posted by:Amy from Brisbane

i am happy..
Posted by:Bec from Salisbury

hey there. gr8 site you have here. i love it. can talk to my brother & boyfriend. and still tell them i have no credit.. lovin it
Posted by:Paige from Perth

HEHEHE i love this website im on it everyday sending my gf a message hehehe i dnt kno wat i wudd do with out this site.i love the fact u get free sms..:( i wish i had a bit more free sms though well yess love this sitee its great!!!!!!!!
Posted by:Taane from Beverly hills

hi this is the worlds bestest sms website,when i got my new mobile i look in google for a sms website the first one i saw was smsfun.com so i went there and it was great, someone told me to goto bluesky frog i had a look and i hated it your website here is better
Posted by:Chris from Logan

Posted by:Monica from Melbourne

this web site is great ran out of credit it saved my life!
Posted by:Ben from Port macquarie

it's great, i am on the pension and it can be a real life saver when needing to contact people when i have ran out of credit on my phone
Posted by:Anthony from Potts point

OMG yes I love SMSfun. And the competitions and all the things available in Joobz Auctions. =D
Posted by:Jade from Halloween Town

That's AMAZING I have ever seen. I can send free SMS and find new friends LOVE IT SmsFun
Posted by:Anthony from Wollongong

i think this site is fantastic and totally free! :) nice 1 sola
Posted by:Sola from Folkestone

hi thanku for your wonderful service even though im in a defacto relationship i would like smsfun friends as im in Australia,i send sms with your service and thanku its very handy to b able to do that ,u r wonderful to privide such a great wonderful service thankyou
Posted by:Angel from Wodonga

I've been using SMSFUN for a couple of months now and it's an awesome service. I love the instant connection. Keep up the great work!
Posted by:Maraina from Coolum

This is the best website out there !! I have now added smsfun to my everyday activity online... I am addicted !! Thank you smsfun for all the free sms's !! My friends think i am a genius finding you guys and it is all too smsfun... U legends XOXO
Posted by:Amalita from Melbourne

hi ppl this is the cool plce to come if u dont have credit on ur phone woow i love smsfun it realy fun and the best place to come thank u smsfun if i have to vote wish 1 to chose well gest what use guy r the winner
Posted by:Debbie from Woy woy

(: lol
Posted by:Sarah from Sydney

its awewome as. meeting new people!! it really good! and u have so much fun!!!!
Posted by:Caine from Melbourne

I LOVE SMSFun! With my phone bill I get 50 free sms and I was so sick of my mum yelling at me because I'd sent 58 sms of whatever. It was SO irritating!! Thank a bunch for this service! ITS SO GOOD!
Posted by:Lindsey from Pakenham Upper

best free sms site ever!
Posted by:Danielle from Melbourne

its pretty kool its saved my life on so many occasions when i was out of credit everyone should join smsfun
Posted by:Adam from Port macquarie

smsfun very reliable when your out of credit! =)
Posted by:Tee from Canley vale

I LOVE IT!! increase the messages again!! LOL =] ♥
Posted by:Nat from Melbourne

so gooooooooooooood!
Posted by:Jaya from The junction

I love the idea of bidding without money on www.smsfun.com.au
Posted by:Senja from Isabella Plains

best site ever thanks guys
Posted by:Pauline from Sydney

When your mobile carrier offers free calls between same networks, the mobile lookup tool will confirm the number/network, if you are unsure...excellent!
Posted by:Peter from Melbourne

its so awsome... when i have no credit its the best thing ever... i hav saved so much money
Posted by:Troy from Melbourne

sms fun has changed the way i sms now because its simple and easy. you dont have to have all of that confusion when you can just type it out on a key bored. i now keep in touch more then i used to with my best friends. when im out of credit i still can text. but i would be nice if you could write more words than 120 words. my regards to you. you have saved my life
Posted by:Leah from Maryland

omg this is the best website ever! i love the free sms and all the competitions. (:
Posted by:Ian from Brisbane

Hey there, I love leaving my fridge door open in summer. It's a GREAT way to keep cool, and stay in shape. ORANGE. Did anyone see that show last night? Hey, it was awesome. I'm gonna go now... and The latest addition to SMSFun is the live chat room! Jump on in and chat to other members from all over Australia! Lets fill it up and keep it filled!
Posted by:Maco from Sydney

when u got no credit its groovy=)
Posted by:Jodiee from Perth

Gr8 site .... gr8 idea .... g8 $$$ saver! Tnx!
Posted by:Helen from Melbourne

=] Hi. I Love Philip. xoxo
Posted by:Renee from Brisbane

I LOVE SMSFUN!!! Who couldn't! Thanks SMSFUN 4 ur help.. when I've run out of credit u've been there 4 me & everyone else in Oz.. I love ur website keep it the way it is! & I have soo much fun using ur Joke sms's.. CONGRATS 2 THE SMSFUN TEAM 4 SUCH AN AWESOME SITE..UZ R WONDERFUL .:MARK:. :-) Cheers Everyone
Posted by:Mark from Maryborough

Posted by:Rani from Boulder kalgoorlie

its awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! lol :D
Posted by:Heba from Wetherill park

Posted by:Kristina from Melbourne

Veryy coool !! the best i've ever used.. will never change
Posted by:Sandy from Sydney

this is the best SMS website on the NET!
Posted by:Shane from Victoria

I freakin' love this site. Free sms, it's great!
Posted by:Shannon from Wangaratta

smsfun has come to my rescue so many times! and thankgod it did otherwise i'd be in alot of strife lol. i broke my foot and the only way of getting to hospital was my mother and if it wasn't for smsfun i wouldn't of been able to contact my mother.
Posted by:Tamara from Hobart

loving every minute of it!! more power to smsfun team
Posted by:Jerson from Melbourne

Lovin smsfun! soo easy and convenient.
Posted by:Tomo from Gosford

Its great having this .
Posted by:Lynh from Liverpool

itz cool,,i needed to send an sms real bad..!!
Posted by:Gemma from Sydney

this is heapss gunn . haha buh yu need mre txts everydayy lol . keep it up yeh :) . mwaaaaaaaaa
Posted by:Aisha from Sydney

smsfun rocks, its saved me many times already and iv only been on it for a week or so. its great!
Posted by:Carlee from Moe

yeah i think smsfun is pretty rad. i don't have to worry as much if i run outta credit. laterz xx
Posted by:Brooke from Rowville

Danm without this smsfun, i wouldn't be able to msg me friend when i didn't have credit on me phone, its the best beautiful life saving programs cause it really do help.
Posted by:Bahati from Melbourne

great site
Posted by:Amy from Darwin

SmsFun is so helpful to me every single day. Free texts - You cant go wrong! Cheers SmsFun!!!
Posted by:Josh from Perth

this has saved me because when my bf dnt call me and i need to send him a text then i use this
Posted by:Casey from Perth

this is sickest site out
Posted by:Anthony from Reservoir

live ur life to da fullest cuz u never noe wen it will b taken away from ya
Posted by:Evelyn from Sydney

it is great i can have no credit and still txt people that i need to.. :) i old get to send 5 txt a day. but that is more then i normaly get to send a day. coz i hardly EVER have credit. Dee x x
Posted by:Dee from Frankston

joobz are fun! i wish there were ways to earn more...
Posted by:Amy from Kanwal

great for poverty stricken uni students like me who cant afford to buy mobile phone credit but need to respond to the odd message
Posted by:Dominic from Hobart

Posted by:Sexymummy88 from Christies beach

I LOVE BEING ABLE TO SEND FREE MESSAGES! They just helped me out so much because I ran out of credit and had to get onto 2 people about really important stuff so it really, really helped. Thanks so much!
Posted by:Kira from Bowen Hills

yeah... smsfun rocks my socks LOL
Posted by:Ashleigh from Adelaide

I think this a a really nice site, which allows us to send free sms! THANKYOU SO MUCH!
Posted by:Joanne from Sydney

this site is great i love it its great that they have auctions i come to this site almst everyday to earn myself some joobs to get something i really like. thank you smsfun.
Posted by:Rebecca from Corio

nice nd cheap, means more for the girls. :).lol
Posted by:Nathanial from Mackay

its very good :D
Posted by:Tom from Oxford

Love my smsfun, can talk to my daughters and check out differen fin sites
Posted by:Karen from Brisbane

love this site fo sure :P
Posted by:Shaz from Sydney

I told the owner (not knowing any better) that the chat room was crap on one gloriously cold night... and he still lets me use the chatrooms! :P I love smsfun! lol
Posted by:Sarah from Essendon

SmsFun is a great site! when low on credit and in need of a way to still txt to the open world! joobz are kool cas they can be used to send more txt nd i think there should be more ov them but thats just what i think lol anyways great site!
Posted by:Edward from Adelaide

SMSFUN is awesome for giving everybody free sms and somewhere to chat to new people :) Thanks to D00terous and my Matty
Posted by:Mel from Brisbane

I have know about the site for a long time, but this is my first time using it, always thought I was to old at 65 to be sendin SMS Messages, but now that my Grandson is in the Oz Navy it is a great help. I have met some nice Folks in the Chat Room and it is nice talkin tae them, I THank You for that. Jock
Posted by:John from Melbourne

Posted by:Laura from Wollongong

SmSFun is the Best FREE SMS site in Australia, if not the whole known world. I think there should be more Pirates though. AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHH
Posted by:Mark from Noosa

This is a wicked way for me to send an sms to my parents wen i am living away so that they no im okay wen i run out of credit!
Posted by:Curtis from Port Pirie

gotta love smsfun!!!!!!
Posted by:Djamael from Adelaide

I think sms is fantastic saves me heaps of money, thanks for creating the site guys. xox love ashlee
Posted by:Ashlee from Melbourne

SMSFUN HAS SAVED ME BILLIONS OFF MY PHONE BILL!!!!!! ok maybe not billions but it sure seems like it keep up the great work, love the site :)
Posted by:Robert from Sydney

sms fun is awsome should dign up its lost of fun and good for the emergency sms u need to send
Posted by:Sara from Woodridge

its the bees knees
Posted by:Steven from Melbourne

I was just about to get a phone with a cap plan when a friend put me onto this. Its cool coz im a student. You'll see me a lot on here.
Posted by:Darren from Brunswick Heads

it's cool site cant wait to have fun.
Posted by:Joshua from Cohuna

it is sooo cool that you don't have 2 waste your "real" credit on people that don't matter when there is smsfun free credit =]
Posted by:Ibrahim from

i love it so much!! its saved me quite a number of times!
Posted by:Lauren from Adelaide

its free its fun its hot join now and start smsing today!! enjoy the benefits of texting when you have no credit and the ability to play prank on your friends with the joke smser!
Posted by:Jake from Tooridin

it is very easy to use
Posted by:Steven from Blacktown

Traveling around the world, SMS FUN keeps me in contact with my wife without having to worry about the hassles of my cell network! We both give a LOT of praise to SMS FUN!
Posted by:Nemo from Ryde

Great site and getting better all the time. I was using another free SMS web site which ran an advert that scammed $15 from my mobile phone credit. Never again! Long Live SMSFUN ! HOT TIP Make the $2 donation to SMSFUN and increase your SMS daily limit 10. Yeah!
Posted by:Cassim from Sydney

smsfun is kool always good wen there is no credit to b had thankz heaps u help me keep in touch with my gf thanks keira
Posted by:Keira from Ruddo

i like it very much
Posted by:Mitchell from Brisbane

its good msging =]
Posted by:Cathy from Adelaide

Your free sms website has saved me more times than i can count!!! I can very rarely afford mobile credit, so i just connect to the Internet and i can send messages to the people I love!!!! ITS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by:Amanda from Cowra

sms fun is good when have ran out of credit and alot of other stuff like chat rooms and meeting new people
Posted by:Jenna from Springvale

This site is the greatest. For all the times i have been caught out with no credit on phone, smsfun is always there to help out. Thanx so much smsfun, U ROCK!
Posted by:Caroline from Hervey Bay

im always on smsfun every day,i use up the 5 txts every day,its really great and its always there incase i run out of credit :D.[dub vee]
Posted by:Sean from Melbourne

dont you hate it when your at a friends house and you want to go home but u have no credit to call ur family? well smsfun comes to the rescue! its good because i can send sms's to anyone FREE. no catches! thankyou smsfun!!!
Posted by:Jeff from Beaconsfield

Well i've only been using SMSFUN.com.au for about 6 months or so since my best mates changed to vodafone... and no other server will allow me to send messages to their number besides SMSFUN.com.au ... it really has made things to much easier for me! :D
Posted by:Danni from Brisbane

this is totally awesome i use to spend so much money on just txtin friends and stuff which is either 28cents or 1 cent but i use to go through $30 in 3weeks now im saving money by joinin this THANK YOU SO MUCH SMSFUN I LUV U ALL!!!! LOL HAVE FUN PPL
Posted by:Sky from Millaa millaa

Posted by:Valerie from Brisbane

Posted by:Vruchii from Wollongong

sms fun is the shiz! it rules it so awsomicly wicked
Posted by:Ben from Sydney

ive been using alot of these types of services for a while now. this is definitely the best.its easy to use,the limit is decent and its reliable. good work guys. maybe try incorporating a picture sms capability? that would be awesome. jelita
Posted by:Jelita from Sydney

hiya mateys!! ur awsum...neva change =P i luuuvre mi fone nd im so glad i hav u cuz i luuuurve mi friends 2!!!!! mmmmmwahzzz!!!!! luv ya x x x
Posted by:Anna from Adelaide

this site is amazing i love da person dat made it his or she is a gun l3g3ndzzzzzzzzzzz cya kuzzzz lebos neva die we multiply
Posted by:Karl from Melbourne

Wow free SMS, lol, DIDNT KNOW SUCH THING EXIST. They do now :)
Posted by:Jacky from Melbourne

u guys rock! saves ya life if u dont hav credit! cheers
Posted by:PJ pants from Coffs

This site has answered my prayers, much easier and quicker using a keyboard than those tiny phone buttons. This site is 100% reliable. Thankyou so much, Kayleen.
Posted by:Kayleen from Melbourne

Posted by:Luke from Blue Mountains

sms fun is so fun. its really gr8 to know that when i get a sms at home i can msg them without having to have credit; :P
Posted by:Molly from Adelaide

i have enjoy free sms from smsfun thank you
Posted by:Najmul from Wallan

Thank you smsfun :) I can finally send free sms without having to do stupid surveys
Posted by:Lachlan from Brisbane

Posted by:Daniel from Melbourne

Last month Smsfun saved me more than $47 off my phone bill!!! Boy am I glad Matt told me about this site. With the extra money i have saved from using smsfun im going to buy him a really great birthday present :)
Posted by:Radagast from Brisbane

Posted by:Callum from Perth

smsFUN. omg free text =D you ROCK
Posted by:BLONDiiE from Melb

The best free sms service in australia, nay, the world!
Posted by:Andrew from Sydney

smsfun is really cool i love it heaps it saves a heap of money to send from mobiles.
Posted by:Rebecca from Geelong

heyhey all you txtd's out there this is deffinatly the best site of our time!!!!way beter than intaaz by far!!!!
Posted by:Phoebe from Beechworth

Posted by:Jared from Adelaide

smsfun is the BOMB!!! * [] (__)
Posted by:Rohan from Cairns

it's okay...it's alright...i'll be on here tomorrow night!
Posted by:Sarah from Melbourne

SMSfun is THE BEST FREE SMS SITE! I had taken my car to get serviced but I forgot my phone at home - I was able to get my mechanic's mob phone number through smsfun's phonebook!!! God Bless smsfun!
Posted by:Fio from Sydney

thank you for letting me send free sms from my phone and making it easy to do so. I have tried other sites but smsfun is far superior :)) I love smsfun!!!
Posted by:Jim from Gold Coast
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