Basic Terms

Here's how it works:-

  • This site is free to join and use.
  • Some things are paid areas, and we do ask for donations - these obviously cost you and are not free.
  • We are giving you free sms/mms for no $$, if you don't like it don't join.
  • We may send you the occasional email or mobile promotion, however we won't spam you to death so don't worry.
  • Basically, this site is run as a hobby by the owners, this is not some massive multi-billion dollar corporation.
  • There is no 'customer service team' and we don't offer perfect.

  • SMSFun has saved 2716680 people over $12,545,519.58 in mobile costs since the beginning of time.

    If you have a sense of humor, want some fun and to save a few bucks on your mobile bill, then join the rest of us and signup today.