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SafeGuard Protection



SMSFun respects that corporations, parents, and individuals may wish to limit the amount of services that interact with their mobile services on a daily basis. As the SMSFun mobile reach grows, the social consciousness and public responsibility of SMSFun increases and this is why we offer special safeguards.

SafeGuard offers a degree of privacy protection by limiting the way in which SMSFun members can access and send information to various mobile devices. Opting into the SafeGuard program will essentially add a special block on your mobile number so that SMSFun members are unable to communicate or engage with your number through SMS related services on SMSFun.



Fast Track identifies your mobile number quickly and helps protect privacy effectively and painlessly.

To have your number added to the SafeGuard list immediately without delay, enter in your mobile phone number in international format below. We will send a text message to your mobile phone containing a special code. You will need to input this code back into the site to complete the process.

Mobile Number:




Once you have been sent a code, you can enter it in below to complete the SafeGuard process.




I saw a message saying this number is on the SafeGuard Protection List, what does this mean?

Simply put, the number you are attempting to contact has subscribed to the SafeGuard Protection list. You will be unable to contact that particular mobile number from any of SMSFun's services. If you know this person you can ask them to remove themselves from the SafeGuard program (see below)

Removal from SafeGuard

To be removed from the SafeGuard service you will need to Log into your SMSFun account

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