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  Find out how to vote and how to win!

So you want to win the Hottest Member competition? First here are some rules to get you started.


# How does it all work? #

  1. Voting is as normal from 1-20th of each month.
  2. After the 20th day each month of the contest, the top 50 Guys and Girls will move forward into the final round of competition. Those outside the top 50 will no longer be eligible to gain access to the top 10 once in the final round however votes from every member will count in both stages of the contest.
  3. On the 20th day, all member votes will be reset to zero. Every member, no matter whether they are ranked #50 or #1 - will have equal chance to become the hottest member of the most.
  4. The member with the most votes after the cut off date will start the final round with 50 bonus votes while the rest of the field will start on 0.

The Basics

  1. Every month at 1 second past midnight a new contest begins. All votes and rankings are reset to zero at this time.
  2. You may only web vote each person once a day.
  3. Web votes are worth 1 point each. SMS & Power Votes are worth 10 points/votes each. Tsunami votes are worth 50 points. Gold Members, Lifetime Elite Members and VIP Member votes are worth double the standard voting amount.
  4. The contest ends on the last day of each month at 11:59:59pm EST (Brisbane, Australia time)
  5. Winners' will be contacted by SMSFun in the coming days following the end of a contest. Winners pictures and testimonial will be displayed on the winners page. Winners must provide a testimonial and picture to confirm their win.
  6. In the event of a tie at the end of a contest, the member with the least D-Votes will win the contest. Should D-Votes be the same for both members as well, the winner will be decided by the number of Power/SMS votes accumulated during the month.
  7. The winning member will be contacted via phone to confirm their win. No prizes will be issued without voice confirmation.
  8. 'Fake Profiles' will be deleted immediately, prizes and awards will be revoked at the contest owners discretion.
  9. SMSFun may request confirmation from the winning profiles that the profile is real, including photo verification before any prizes or awards are issued.
  10. A member that wins the hot member contest is not eligible to win any prizes from the contest for the next 2 months immediately following their victory.


Good Luck! Go to the contest page



Other legal stuff

Contest winners will receive prizes generally within 8 weeks of the end of the month they won the prize in. Added delays may be cause if suppliers are out of stock or provide delays in the process. SMSFun may at any time remove members from the contest that attempt to cheat or defraud the voting, sponsors or SMSFun. All votes are subject to account and vote audits. SMSFun has the final say on every aspect of this contest including winners. Prizes are not exchangable for cash, and any return consistitues full waiver of any or all prizes. Prizes do not come with a warranty.

Last Updated: October 1, 2012


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