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Profile Completeness

How to complete your profile and unlock access to Fun Tools

Upload a photo
Adding a photo of yourself to your profile gives a face to your online presence for others. Not only will this draw new and interesting members to your profile, it also adds a great splash of colour to your browsing experience.
Upload a photo of yourself (+40%)
Profile Details
We want to know a few things about you and so does everyone else! Update and add some interesting details about yourself and you'll be one step closer towards profile completion.
Update details (+30%)
Hola in the forum
Come say hi to everyone in the forums. As a community, we like to share, give and help other people. We want to meet you and say hi too! Make a post in the forum and become involved in conversations.
Post in the forums (+5%)
Tell a friend
As a free, fun community for everyone where you can send free sms - this is a great place to relax, share and do the things you wish other sites would do. That's what makes SMSFun unique! Share your positive experiences with your friends.
Tell a friend (+10%)
Send free sms
Did you know SMSFun has free sms? You can send free sms to your friends and family any time through using the easy to use SMS interface. Not only is it a great way to keep in touch with friends, it also saves you money off your mobile bill!
Send free sms (+5%)
Cast a vote
One of the more popular parts of SMSFun is the monthly hottest member contest. Each month members have a race for votes to become the winner of the contest in which you can win prizes. You can make 1 vote every 24 hours and you can even vote for yourself!
Vote for someone (+5%)
Earn Joobz
Once you've earned 5 Joobz or more in the Joobz Offers you will unlock this feature. Joobz are the currency of SMSFun and you can use them for just about anything. Get cracking and unlock this feature today.
Earn 5 Joobz (+5%)

Unlimited Funtools Access
Once you have completed your profile and the above tasks are finished, your account will instantly unlock access to Fun Tools. Funtools lets you see who is viewing your profile, who is voting (and d-voting) your profile, access on Email 2 SMS, access to the SMS API and let's you create Photo Alerts.

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