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Member Since: 2007
Gender Male
Currently Offline
Location Wolumla, Australia
Age 29
Relationship status 0
Interests: Rugby Union
Aura: Cool Member

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Star Sign Aries
Sexuality Straight
Interests Rugby Union
Makes me happy? I always try to see the lighter side of life :)
Makes me sad? Cheater, Haters, Emos
Bad Habits wasting time!
My own words I WON AN IPOD!!!! BOOOYAH! go smsfun!
Ethnicity White / Caucasian
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Umm... blueish greyish
Height 180cm
Weight 88kg
Body Type Average
Body Hair Rather Not Say
Food Pizza... ummm actually most italian!
Music Everything but country music!
Club/Bar i dunno... i live in bega for crying out loud :'(
Animal Dogs for sure... cept i want a tiger :D
Favorite Place Beach or wherever my friends are
Favorite Thing Getting Tipsy wif friends
If I was a millionaire ID BUY U A PRESENT and give tips to waitresses just to make them smile!
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Posted by Sherry on: January 3, 2008
heyyya happy new year! how good is da ipod! lol i gave it 2 my bro n now i dont have 2 buy him a bday gift lol

Posted by dsruptdspunkrat on: December 21, 2007
merry christmas!!! :D

Posted by saari91 on: November 10, 2007
haha now who has more votes! LOL

Posted by Sherry on: November 8, 2007
ohh good point, i had noticed that before but never bothered to actually mark them as safe emails lol. ill just do that. have sent u a message, add me in myspace. talk soon.

Posted by Sherry on: November 8, 2007
ello ello how u doing? yeah congrats 2 u 2 :-P i donno how 2 claim da prize lol. u have any idea? have fun dude

Posted by breeza88 on: October 12, 2007
hey, thanks for accepting how are ya?

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