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RoseLemon is Overjoyed about getting 4 days a week work.
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Gender Female
Currently Offline
Location Somewhere over the rainbow.., Australia
Age 52
Relationship status Married
Interests: Paganism, Magick, Herbcraft, Spellcraft, Reading.
Aura: Gold Member

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Star Sign Aquarius
Sexuality Straight
Perfect Partner A 100yr old Billionaire with a very bad heart.
Occupation It's my little secret! / Singer/ Songwriter/ poet / Author
Income It's my little secret!
Education It's a secret!
Interests Paganism, Magick, Herbcraft, Spellcraft, Reading.
Drink? Non-Drinker
Smoke? Yes
Makes me happy? Music,Sunshine, Animals, Rain and Laughter.
Makes me sad? Environmental Vandalism, Human Rights Issues.
Bad Habits Can't say No if someone wants me to help them.
My own words I dont want your votes. I dont want to be the most popular or have the most friends. I just ask for Honesty. I can't stand people who spin me shit. I can't handle boguns who are uneducated and choose to stay that way. I have no patience for people who don't have the balls to stand up to anyone in life and instead hide behind their lies. I hate that people think I'm so stupid I can't see the truth behind their bullshit. I have no time for idiots,for mind games or for the small town backwoods mind set of some people on SMSFun. If you cant handle the truth, then get the fuck out of my way.. I tell it like I see it. Yes I am a witch. Yes I do practice magick, Yes I do hang out with other witches and YES.. Im damn good at what I do. Keep that in mind when your deciding if you want to chat with me.
Hair Colour Chestnut Brown
Eye Colour Blue/Grey
Height 163cm
Body Type Medium Build
Body Hair Smooth
Food Satay's, Curries, Chillies, BBQ's and Roasts
Music Folk/blues/Rock/ Anything by Me..
Club/Bar I dont like clubbing.
Animal I love Rats, they make the most brilliant pets.
Favorite Place Under the peach tree in my backyard reading.
Favorite Thing Summer rain on a tin roof.
From now on I refuse to let the fuckwits get to me. I will continue to do what makes me happy and if you dont like it, Tough fuckin luck. I will continue to share my magick and learn more, and I will continue to tell the bogun uneducated ignorant biggoted rednecks of the world that they are in fact, world class fuckwits..regardless of whether its PC or not. So to all the world class rednecked fuckwits of the world...FUCK OFF
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Posted by vixta34 on: May 23, 2009
hey there my friend,thankyou for your votes much appreciated:) cool your son better now?so you girls are off on your trip:)

Posted by carrionbludd on: May 22, 2009
I like your post in the forum you made a valid point :)

Posted by BanHammer on: May 22, 2009
world class rednecks LOL

Posted by BanHammer on: May 21, 2009
roadtripppppppppp sounds like fun!!!! can't stop here, this is bat country!

Posted by wilsta67 on: May 21, 2009
it rain like buggery here.but no i havent been affected by it except yesterday i could not get to work.was a bit of a bugga that lol

Posted by vixta34 on: May 19, 2009
hey there MD:)you are most welcome thankyou for your kind thoughts and blessings an same to you my friend:)

Posted by wilsta67 on: May 19, 2009
not lost,just misguided bahahah! ;)

Posted by wilsta67 on: May 19, 2009
where am i?? ;)

Posted by vixta34 on: May 18, 2009
Hey there:) sorry for your loss of your grandmother my thoughts are with you my friend:)i read your comment in the live status an just thought id drop you a line an give you my condolences:)an say hello:)

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