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jessikaaaa just got home from work & christmas shopping :)
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Gender Female
Currently Offline
Location Perth, Australia
Age 28
Relationship status Single
Interests: beach/surfing, party, late nyts, movies, roadtrips
Aura: Cool Member

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More Information
Star Sign Taurus
Sexuality Straight
Occupation Self-Employed / model/makeup artist
Income It's my little secret!
Education It's a secret!
Interests beach/surfing, party, late nyts, movies, roadtrips
Drink? Yes!
Smoke? Non-Smoker
Makes me happy? cute things :) my mates, summer, $$$
Makes me sad? being sick
Bad Habits nail biting!!
My own words vote for me, if you like :) ill return the fav xoxoxo
Ethnicity Other
Hair Colour brown/blonde
Eye Colour hazel/brown
Height 175cm
Weight 55kg
Body Type Average
Body Hair Smooth
Food pasta, chicken, chocolate, chinese :)
Music anything that sounds good, almost anything
Club/Bar metro, connections, the cott
Animal cats+dogs
Favorite Place beach, cott
Favorite Thing friends
This week's plan working! :(
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Posted by mikos on: January 27, 2010
hey sexy, what you up to? just voted fo you xx

Posted by MarcMorphine on: December 16, 2009
Hey how you doin? Votes commin your way :)

Posted by Paul_P on: December 15, 2009
We are very well, thanks for asking, so hows your week going so far?

Posted by poynta on: December 14, 2009
you're a babe. i'd def do you

Posted by Paul_P on: December 14, 2009
Hello Sweetie, how are you today?

Posted by Pimp53X on: July 4, 2009
not to bad =]. just working ATM =[. looking forward to raveing it up tonight but, whats your plans for the weekend? holla back xo

Posted by MarcMorphine on: July 4, 2009
Hey how are you

Posted by jenniondablock on: July 3, 2009
Hey hey how are you :) You poped up in the hottest member comp quickly lol!

Posted by Pimp53X on: July 3, 2009
hellloooo =D how are you =]

Posted by adriano on: May 1, 2009
happy birthday...yes it is...I can see the flashing birthday cake

Posted by Star08 on: November 22, 2008
hey there since were're both single i was thinkin.

Posted by BanHammer on: November 4, 2008
.....................................hi (^^,)

Posted by mattyg88 on: September 19, 2008
ur a real babe wanna chat some more? will have a pic up soon

Posted by KRAYZIEBONE on: September 12, 2008
vote for me

Posted by kriss on: September 11, 2008
what a babe ... wna chat more ?

Posted by Star08 on: August 31, 2008
Hi there hows u doin. im new here n i liked readin ur profile. holla back

Posted by sweetcrx on: August 27, 2008
hey hows it goin did u live in nsw at anytime

Posted by mabzbebabz on: August 6, 2008
have my vote x

Posted by mabzbebabz on: August 5, 2008
wow stumbled across ur profile hun ur stunning x

Posted by sweetcrx on: August 4, 2008
hey wats goin on do uhave msn ? add me

Posted by blackben on: June 1, 2008
Damm girl u are hot!!!!! Cant wait 2get down 2....W.A

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