Dombie Seems it\'s as dead as always in here
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Member Since: 2009
ninjagaijin This community isn't even as toxic as a game of counter-strike
8 weeks ago · view all status updates  
Gender Male
Currently Offline
Location Helbourne, Australia
Age 36
Relationship status Married
Interests: Organised sound
Aura: Cool Member

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Star Sign NA
Sexuality Rather Not Say
Perfect Partner Your doberman
Occupation Self-Employed / Producer
Income 25-50k
Education Graduate/Post Grad
Interests Organised sound
Drink? Prefer not to Say
Smoke? Not Telling ;)
Makes me happy? Not this site
Makes me sad? Being on this site
Bad Habits This site
My own words I like 'splagoosh'
Ethnicity Rather Not Say
Hair Colour Transparent
Eye Colour Rainbow
Height 999999999999999cm
Body Type Medium Build, Muscles
Body Hair Slightly Hairy
Food poo
Music noise
Club/Bar your mom's house
Animal you
Favorite Place your ass
Favorite Thing your ass
If I was a millionaire i'd be a materialistic pig
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Posted by ninjagaijin on: October 17, 2017
Also it seems the last 10 characters always get cut off according to sms history reports - make sure any sms you send has '10 characters remaining' for it to make sense!

Posted by ninjagaijin on: September 9, 2009
this site sends messages hours late sometimes

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