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mfjhjr Think I might shave and then go to sleep like the rest of my little household
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Gender Male
Currently Offline
Location Marsden, Australia
Age 40
Relationship status Married
Interests: Varied
Aura: Cool Member

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More Information
Star Sign Aquarius
Sexuality Straight
Perfect Partner My wife
Occupation Self-Employed / Stores/internal sales
Income It's my little secret!
Education Secondary/High School
Interests Varied
Drink? Non-Drinker
Smoke? Yes
Makes me happy? My family
Makes me sad? Being away from my family
Bad Habits Lots
My own words Average guy with an above average family. They are my reason for being.
Ethnicity Other
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Mix of green and blue
Height 187cm
Weight 100kg
Body Type Bigger Build
Body Hair Hairy
Food Edible
Music Heavy and fast
Club/Bar Don't know
Animal Carpet Python
Favorite Place Home
Favorite Thing My Family
In a perfect world Everyone would see things from the same point of view. How Friggin boring would that be. Let chaos play to.
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