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Member Since: 2012
ShanDaMan84 Time for an Arkham City sesh. Wh00p Wh00p!! No-one bother me for at least 2 hours..
288 weeks ago · view all status updates  
Gender Male
Currently Offline
Location , Australia
Age Tell me to update my info
Relationship status Single
Interests: Outdoors (camping, dirtbikes, etc),
Aura: Cool Member

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Sexuality Straight
Perfect Partner Female, Breathing, At least 20yrs of age:)
Occupation Employed / Video Game Developer
Income It's my little secret!
Education Graduate/Post Grad
Interests Outdoors (camping, dirtbikes, etc),
Drink? Yes!
Smoke? Not Telling ;)
Makes me happy? Being Outdoors, Making people laugh
Makes me sad? Seeing others suffer
Bad Habits I talk a lot, but I'm also a great listener
My own words Uhhh.. Talk to me to find out more :)
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