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Vodafone Prepaid Mobile Recharge

Availabe Recharge Values

$5, $10, $19, $20, $29, $30, $35, $49, $50, $70, $79, $149, $200,

About Vodafone Prepaid

Recharge your Vodafone prepaid mobile on the following prepaid plans.

  • Prepaid Caps

    Get great value with up to $1500 of flexible credit to use on a variety of Vodafone services such as calls and text. Recharge with $30 or more and get unlimited national SMS. Unlimited mobile access to social networks within Australia and up to 2GB of mobile data.

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  • All-Time

    With the All Time prepain plan you will never run out of text or calls. Get unlimited standard text within Australia and calls if you recharge over $50. Also includes unlimited mobile access to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks within Australia. Expiry from 30 to 60 days.

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  • 365 Day

    Looking for a recharge with a long expiry? Then this is the plan for you! get a full 365 days of credit when you recharge with $20 or more. Unused credit even rolls over to the next recharge.

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  • International

    Call overseas with great rates on the Vodafone International plan. Rates as low as 1c/min to selected countries with 30 days of credit expiry on all recharge amounts.

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  • Flexi Cap

    The Flexi Cap includes lots of value for use on Vodafone services. Each recharge is rewarded with mobile data up to 5GB when you recharge with $149. Get 30 days expiry with every recharge.

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  • TXT and Talk

    TXT and Talk is perfect for those who like to both send SMS and make voice calls. Keep in contact with your family and friends with bonus SMS and minutes with each recharge.

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How To Use Your Vodafone Recharge Voucher

To recharge your Prepaid Vodafone Mobile follow these simple steps

  1. Simply dial 1511 from your Vodafone mobile to get your service up and running

Data supplied on SMSFun about specific prepaid mobile plans or benefits are correct as of the time of publishing. These plans may have changed since the publication date and you should first check with your mobile provder about specific plans and benefits. Read more on prepaid plans at http://www.vodafone.com.au/personal/prepaid/home/recharge/index.htm.
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