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Savvytel Mobile Prepaid Recharge

Availabe Recharge Values

$10, $20, $30, $38, $50, $100,

About Savvytel Mobile Prepaid

Savvytel has prepaid mobile plans to suit just about anyone. Whether you want credit that never expires, low rates on calls and SMS or extreme features for the most heavy users.

  • Call Credit Never Expire

    Perfect if you're not a big talker

    If you want your credit last then this plan is for you.

    Includes great low call rates of 24c/min, 15c SMS and 5c/MB for data. Additional bonues are also included..

    see details

  • Savvy Lite

    The best low cost prepaid service.

    No flagfall on calls and only 10c/min. Port your own mobile number over to Savvytel for free.

    No contracts, no bills and no termination fees.

    see details

  • Savvy Extreme

    Perfect for big talkers and texters.

    Unlimited SMS and unlimited local calls with no flagfalls.

    4GB of mobile data included each month and 30 days expiry.

    see details

Savvytel Mobile Features

  • Great low rates and lengthy expiry periods
  • Bonuses with every recharge
  • No bills, no worries
  • No contracts
  • Great coverage and support

Data supplied on SMSFun about specific prepaid mobile plans or benefits are correct as of the time of publishing. These plans may have changed since the publication date and you should first check with your mobile provder about specific plans and benefits. Read more on prepaid plans at https://www.savvytel.com.au/faces/faq/faq_recharging.xhtml.
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