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Joobz Treasure Hunt

Find the Joobz and get rewarded!

Yargh SMSFuners! Welcome to the great Joobz Treasure Hunt on SMSFun. Until the end of June, you can instantly score Joobz for locating the hidden Joobz characters. Boost your balance and redeem your Joobz in the Rewards Store for cool gifts and prizes.

Anyone suspected of using scripts or automated tools will have their account permanently removed

How does it work?

Special Joobz characters will appear accross the SMSFun community on random pages. If you spot one of the Joobz stars on the site - click on it to get your Joobz bonus. Below you can see what each Joobz character is worth. It's that simple!

What Joobz are worth what?

Joobz Prize 1

= 300

Joobz Prize 2

= 100

Joobz Prize 4

= 25

Joobz Prize 5

= 5

Joobz Prize 6

= 1


Notes: One Joobz claim per person per day. One Joobz claim awarded per person per day, choose wisely which Joobz character you want to click. Joobz will appear randomly on the site, and will continue to be shown even if you have claimed a daily Joobz.

Although all care has been taken, some standard icons on SMSFun may look similar to the treasure hunt characters and these do not gain any Joobz for clicking on them. Use of any type of automated program imay result in your account being suspended. GJTH ends 11:59pm June 30, 2012 AEST. You can earn a maximum of 500 Joobz per week under the treasure hunt.

Joobz Treasure Hunt Pot

116,378 Joobz have been already been found and claimed!

Don't miss out on your share! Start searching now!

Joobz Treasure Hunt
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