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The History of SMS

SMS ( Short Messaging Service) has many uses, and will continue to evolve, and grow to become an even more important part of life. Already, language has changed, and adapted to words that can be easily typed with one thumb. But where did it start?

In December 1992, a Vodaphone engineer sent the first text message to he fellow Vodaphone workers. It read “Merry Christmas”. No one knew how far Text messaging would go from there. It was year later that telephone companies realised the potential for SMS.....So much so, that they failed to charge for the first few years! Originally developed to let Communications companies to inform customers about delays, or breaks in the networks, it was around seven years after the first SMS, that communications Companies allowed SMS messaging between different Networks. No one had even thought of the concept of Free SMS from the Internet at this stage!

Without any promotion, SMS took off like wildfire, it's popularity mostly due to quick and private messages being cheaper than a phone call, and unable to be heard by curious parents etc. Even after the Communication companies ended Free SMS, and started charging per message, SMS continued to grow. Now, most phone companies charge a set fee per SMS, and different plans can be arranged around your SMS habits (50 free SMS per month etc). SMS can be delivered to some home phones. SMS can originate from Websites such as SMSFun, Ringtones can be bought with SMS, and TV shows regularly host voting via SMS. UK company Orange is even supposedly working on a Kettle that will turn on and boil after you send it an SMS.

These days, companies like SMSFUN offer the only means to consistently free SMS. They are able to do it by buying SMS in bulk from telecommunications companies, and running efficient websites that are seen by enough people to attract sponsors that see the benefits of a: free SMS, and b: the huge amounts of web traffic generated by Free SMS!

Through a development that started as a free one way service to customers, SMS has become a way of life, and has cemented itself into society.

What exactly is SMS? SMSFun - About SMS.

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