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Gold Member Benefits

What you can expect from Gold

, upgrading to Gold Membership is both rewarding and very worthwhile. Here are all of the outlined benefits you will receive instantly after upgrading to Gold Membership.

See a the full comparision table here.

Send up to 75+ texts every day
As a premium member you have increased sms limits across the entire community. This includes sms reminders, fool your friends and secret crush messages. Standard SMS limits for Gold Members are increased to 60/day. You also are able to send more text messages above your limit to a total of 60 sms, every message after 60 in total uses a Joob. The maximum number of sms allowed to any one number per day is 6. After this a Joob is used for each send to that number.

SMS Delivery Reports
Gold Members can view delivery reports on all SMS sent. You can now tell when your friends receive the text message, if their phone is off and all sorts of other cool stuff.

Extra Joobz
When you first become a Gold Member, you will instantly receive a Joobz bonus. Each month that you are a Gold Member, you will also receive 20 bonus Joobz as our way of saying thank you.

Discount Prepaid Credit
Enjoy 5% off all prepaid credit when recharging your Australian mobile using SMSFun. (Must use coupon code located in Gold Member forum)

Increased SMS reminders, fool your friends limits
Increased limits to sms reminders and fool your friends apply to your Gold Membership.

Double Voting Power
Every positive (+) vote you make in the hottest member contest will be worth double with your Gold Membership. This will appear on their account tally as 2 votes from you. This includes SMS Power votes which are also worth double. D-votes are not worth double.

Gold Badging & Status recognition
Your Gold Member Profile has a special badge to indicate you are a premium Gold Member. This is also displayed on every post you made in the SMSFun Forums. Special Gold Badging is also displayed on your photos in photo searches making it easier for other members to spot you as a premium member!

Unrestricted FunTools
Fun Tools are the cool features of SMSFun. You can see who is viewing your profile and who is voting for you in the hottest member contest. As a Gold Member, you can see who is D-voting you in the contest.

See when your private messages are read
You will be able to track and see when private messages you send to other members are read. Check your outbox to see this useful information.

Unlimited picture posting
Absolutely no limits on the number of photos you can store on SMSFun.

Unlimited Friends
No limits to the number of new friends you can have on SMSFun.

No mandatory sponsor support
SMSFun relies on donations and support of our sponsors to survive. As a paying Gold Member, you are contributing to the community financially already, and as a `thank you`, you won't need to further support us through banners if you don't choose to do so.

Ability to send joobz to other members
Only Gold Membrs can send joobz to other members.

Access to Gold Only Areas
Being a gold member means access special Gold Auctions and Gold Member Forum pages.

Photo Upload Alerts
Email Alerts are available to Gold Members. When a new photo is uploaded to SMSFun (by anyone) that matches your search criteria, you are instantly notified. Only Gold Members can be emailed on new photos.

Live Feed
Gold Members' text messages are by default, NOT sent to the Live SMS Feed. The tickbox is not pre-ticked however you can tick it if you would like them to be posted on the live feed.

Forum Post Edit
Gold Members can edit posts made on the SMSFun Forum.

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