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READ THE RULES or suffer a most excruciating warning and/or ban.

There are a few rules here... we ask that you please respect them:
1. No illegal content. - Note: We're not going to go crazy if you talk about illegal shit, but if you're posting bomb recipes and kiddie porn, we will eat your soul. And then ban you.
2. No porn. - If you can't find a better place for porn, you haven't learned to internet. This isn't the place for it.
3. Do not post other users' personal information. If for some reason, you want your phone number at the mercy of the internets, post it yourself.
4. No racism.
6. No spamming just to raise your post count. - "+1" and "SPAM" are too far even for spam. Go easy on the double posts.

7. No pointless stuff. If you are posting here for the sake of it - expect for you post to be removed and the wrath of fellow members to flame the living heck out of you. Act like an idiot and you'll be treated like one.

Just Talk / Debates

Leave the insanity of SMSFun, and find the insanity of the real world for a while. All topics are to remain ON TOPIC - unless it's off topic... but then it would still be on topic. No spamming, thread de-railing, or useless replies. This will be strictly enforced.

Now that we've implemented the FFA forum, all general bullshittery and insanity will go in there. There is to be NO thread derailing, NO spam, and absolutely NO NWS content in here. Finally, no useless replies.

What constitutes spam and/or useless replies? Replies that consist of nothing but emoticons, a quote, or worthless, post-count increasing statements. If you're not contributing something to the thread, then lurk. Also, anything that doesn't glorify the awesomeness of the mods/admins is STRICTLY against the rules.

What constitutes NWS (Not Work Safe) content? Anything you could not see on free, daytime television in Australia. Basically, keep it PG. If someone browsing at school or work couldn't read your post because of images or linked content, it's probably crossing the line.

Other than that, have fun.

Forum Signatures

Signature Guidelines: Your forum signature cannot be more than 1 standard text line in height, or 3 standard text lines for Gold Members. Images are ok so long as you link them from your SMSFun profile and don't hotlink from an outside source. Links to other websites are not permitted at this stage.

Update your signature here.

Gold Members can disable viewing of forum signatures through account management.

Forum Taglines

To activate your personal tagline, you must be a Gold Member and have made in excess of 2,000 posts on the forum.
You can only use text in the tagline, cannot contain a link or url, and must not claim to represent something that you are not.


SMSFun has many moderators that frequent the forums and help keep the entire SMSFun community safe and secure for everyone. If you need to make a complaint or voice your concern over something please contact one of them.

Moderators will not help you with general questions about SMSFun. Mods are busy people and volunteer their time to be here. They are not paid and therefore every second they spend helping you is on THEIR watch so don't think they are being rude if you don't receive a reply.

Before you contact a mod, check the FAQ and Support Knowledgebase.

Log in to view moderator contact details.


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