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2 July 2012
SMSFun at Loyalty & Churn Conference

The SMSFun team will be presenting acquisition & retention in social media at the Loyalty & Churn Conference in Nice, France.

25 February 2012
SMSFun at Mobile World Congress

Meet and greet the acquisition, retention & loyalty experts in Barcelona.

1 August 2011
Optus partners with SMSFun

Optus chooses SMSFun to drive online customer acquisition and reduce churn.


Number Lookup

Number Discovery is the fast and accurate way to identify other provider's MSISDN's.
Tap into the power of the SMSfun Private Gateway network, exclusively for high volume clients who demand the very best in mobile connectivity.


Why use HLR Lookups?

  • The HLR holds the most accurate, up-to-date information on the subscriber.
  • HLR lookups are fast and inexpensive to perform.
  • A lookup can be performed in realtime during call setup or SMS delivery.

What is the HLR (Home Location Register)?
The HLR or "Home Location Register" is at the core of every GSM mobile network worldwide. The HLR is a central database of all customers authorised to use the network, and is used by the network in the authentication of a phone when registering with a transmitter, either on the home network, or when roaming abroad.


The SS7 Network
Operators around the world are connected by a network known as the "SS7" or "Signalling System #7" network. This network is used for exchanging information related to setting up a telephone call, number translation, prepaid billing systems, and also forms the backbone of the SMS (short message service) text messaging system.


HLR Query - How it works
By sending the appropriate message over the SS7 signalling network, it is possible to query the home location register (HLR) of any mobile subscriber using their phone number. This process is known as performing a "HLR Lookup" or "HLR Query", and is a fast, effective, and accurate way to determine which network operator currently serves a given mobile telephone number.


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