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2 July 2012
SMSFun at Loyalty & Churn Conference

The SMSFun team will be presenting acquisition & retention in social media at the Loyalty & Churn Conference in Nice, France.

25 February 2012
SMSFun at Mobile World Congress

Meet and greet the acquisition, retention & loyalty experts in Barcelona.

1 August 2011
Optus partners with SMSFun

Optus chooses SMSFun to drive online customer acquisition and reduce churn.


Churn Management for Mobile Operators

SMSFun is focused on decreasing churn for mobile operators.

Decrease Churn
When a customer leaves your mobile network for a competitor, you have not only lost their monthly spend, you have also lost their commitment to recommend your network to friends, family and business colleagues. You have lost the outlay on acquiring them as a customer in the beginning, and it can cost up to 5x more to re-acquire them in the future.

The key is for operators to understand precisely if the customer is at risk of churning, quantify that risk and be ready to act before the customer is lost. Predicting that a customer is at risk while they are still active and funneling them through a process before they think about switching is one of the keys to subscriber happiness.

With prepaid mobile customer churn at over 60% annually, the benefits of reducing that figure are clear, and SMSFun has the right tools to achieve this now.

Benefits for Mobile Operators:
  • SMSFun can stop your customers from porting out to competiting networks.
  • Decrease churn rates while increasing ARPU.
  • Achieve positive NPV and increase subscriber loyalty.
  • Save on customer contact time through call centers.
  • Lower acquisition costs by not re-purchasing old customers.

SMSFun's MCAP platform can boost new prepaid acquisitions by 10% while reducing churn by up to 20%.

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