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2 July 2012
SMSFun at Loyalty & Churn Conference

The SMSFun team will be presenting acquisition & retention in social media at the Loyalty & Churn Conference in Nice, France.

25 February 2012
SMSFun at Mobile World Congress

Meet and greet the acquisition, retention & loyalty experts in Barcelona.

1 August 2011
Optus partners with SMSFun

Optus chooses SMSFun to drive online customer acquisition and reduce churn.


Churn & Lifecycle Management for Operators

Social Networking Engagement

We bring together mobile consumers and Operators through social engagement.

SMSFun facilitates solutions for Operators to reduce churn, increase subscription loyalty and acquire new customers through untapped sales channels.

Focus on your core activities, such as branding and customer care, while still offerring your subscribers an attractive package of mobile services. Quickly deliver innovative information to your customers without the need to invest in costly infrastucture.

Today, it's more important than ever to increase customer acquisition and prevent erosion of ARPU. Through our leading edge solutions, we are able to acurately improve all aspects of your mobile customer's lifecycle.

Reduce Churn, Boost ARPU and Increase Brand Preference.

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Subscriber Acquisition

SMSFun can drive new customer acquisitions while reducing churn.
Using market leading applicational data, we allow operators to monitor individual customer lifecycle and churn trends against their peer group. This gives operators visibility into customer behavior which can be used to trigger churn to your network.

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Mobile Facts

SMSFun is the largest independant mobile site in Australia.

  • Connected to 1.3 million Austalian subscribers.
  • In 2011, SMSFun helped facilitate over 8,000 churns to new operators.
  • Each year, our members send millions of text messages.
  • 20,000 subscribers change networks every day in Australia.


SMSFun's MCAP platform can boost new prepaid acquisitions by 10% while reducing churn by up to 20%.

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