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Mayor Badge The member holding this badge is the mayor of SMSFun. They receive special privledges that only the top-dog in town can access.
HOW TO QUALIFY: Be the most active member over a 14 day period
SMSFun Pro Member Indicates this member is a SMSFun PRO. Showing loyalty and ongoing support, this badge signifies a special status to the community and is an award of commitment.
HOW TO QUALIFY: No longer available
Lifetime Elite Member This exclusive badge was awarded to a select few group of members who became Lifetime Elite Members during the startup days of SMSFun. Significant benefits come with this badge and members of this era are well respected.
HOW TO QUALIFY: Not Available
SMSFun Gold Member Members sporting the shiny gold medalian are certified Gold Members. While having access to exclusive Gold Membership Benefits, these members are of special privledge and can do more around the community.
HOW TO QUALIFY: Upgrade to Gold
Verified Member This badge signifies the member has been verified as a real person.
HOW TO QUALIFY: Upload Verified Photos
SMSFun Platinum Member The ultimate status level, VIP account holders have the very best of everything including undocumented benefits that put them in a class of their own.
HOW TO QUALIFY: Not Available
VIP MEMBER Special VIP members hold this badge have received exclusive privledges and shown continued, ongoing support for the SMSFun community.
Donation Member The honor badge. Another seen with this is a true supporter of SMSFun and the community. A truely dedicated and highly engaged member - treat this one with great respect. This member has made a donation to SMSFun in the past 90 days.
HOW TO QUALIFY: Make a donation
SMSFun Moderator Members with this badge have moderator privledges. How to contact a moderator.
HOW TO QUALIFY: Moderators are hand seleted by Administrators

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