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What is SMS?

All about SMS

SMS (Short message Service) is one of the trademarks of the late 1990s early 2000s. The way we spell words has changed, it plays a part in relationships, and technology is evolving rapidly (Talk from the UK of a kettle that will boil after you send it an SMS.). Some home phones are now available that can send and receive SMS messages.

Originally developed by communications companies to alert customers of any down time etc, SMS has fast become a way of life for a generation. SMS is the cheap, and private alternative to talking on a phone, one SMS (160 characters) holds the same amount of data as a one second phone call. Therefore, SMS can be delivered immediately. (Assuming the receiving phone is turned on.) SMS can also be utilised to send messages to many recipients at once. Which allows for cheap information distribution. (Sometimes leading to gatecrashers at parties etc.) A whole generation has embraced typing with one thumb, and have developed their own lexicon.

Everything from organising parties to breaking up relationships now takes place with a few keystrokes on a mobile phone (Or Internet Free SMS site).

Originally, Mobile phones were analogue, and SMS was not available until the European transition to GSM (Digital network). Other countries then followed suite, and now SMS is a world wide phenomenon. We are now in the early stages of mass data transfer to mobile phones. GPRS (General packet radio service) has begun, and is allowing mass packets of information to be sent from hand held devices. Email, and Internet browsing is available from phones......but at a higher cost! SMS will continue to remain the cheaper alternative for some time yet, especially with the addition of Free SMS websites to the Internet. From sites such as SMSFun, you are able to use your phone for everything from setting free reminders, getting horoscopes, and playing free pranks on friends. The evolution of SMS has allowed for pretty much any service you can think of to be available via a mobile phone.

You can find more information on SMS at Wikipedia SMS Information.

The history of SMS provides additional insight.  

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